Mar 29, 2009

What does the future hold?

I have been pondering for some time about what the future holds for me and my family. Will we be living in Riyadh? Will we be abroad? If we live in Riyadh, which schools will I send my daughter (and unborn child) to? I would like them to go to a school where they would learn both English and Arabic. My husband wants to send them to an Arabic Private school, preferably the one he went to; Riyadh School. And he is quite adamant about it. But I personally feel that such a decision should be made by both of us, and we should both be comfortable with the final decision. I want to be part of the process. I want my child to go to a school, where she will have play time, where she will have Physical Education, where she can have art classes, and of course get everything else the school has to offer. I would like to send my daughter to the Montessori Pre-School, not just because I went to it as a child, but because I truly find the education taught is valuable for a young child. I would like my daughter to socialise and play, yet learn as much as she can at her tender age. I am not asking for a baby Einstein, I just want her to have all the good things available to her. On other areas of life, we are still living under my father-in-law's roof. My husband has promised that we would be moving out and getting our own place well before I am due (In October). SO keep your fingers crossed for me, and pray that I will have my own place to welcome my new baby in, and LuLu can run about and enjoy her young life to the fullest :)
Mar 26, 2009

Sleepless in Riyadh...

Its one of those nights again... I lay in bed and twist and turn, fluff and re fluff my pillow endless times. I try to change positions, and I can't get to my final destination- SLEEP! After trying to lay there for hours and bore myself to sleep, I got out of bed, and watched 2 episodes of CSI Miami, then attempted to get back into bed and sleep. Still nothing.. nada... It has nothing to do with the pregnancy... so my little heartthrob isn't to blame. After twisting and turning some more, I got up and have done every bloody quiz imaginable on facebook! So now I have learnt countless things which include; my real age is supposedly 17, my true age is supposedly 23, I should be living in the country, and my American accent is a Northern one. I have read all the newspapers I could imagine, There has been a fire in Toronto which left a mother and her 4 year old dead... they want to combine the GST and PST in Toronto as one tax (interesting.. why not lower it a bit as well ;)) and still have not been able to sleep. Pre-Mommy hood this would have been OK, I could just sleep the entire day once sleep finally came to me... but not anymore. I shall stay awake until my dear daughter takes her nap- and if I can fit in that 1 1/2 hour of sleep... I will be a happy camper! Anyhoo, Its 8:30am.. and I am gonna try to count some sheep or whatever can help me get some shut eye... So From Riyadh, I shall say Good night (or shall I bid you a Good Morning!!!)
Mar 25, 2009

I want ketchup chips!!!

I have been going nuts for several things the last week. There are some that I have readily found, and some that are simply not here :(

I have been seriously craving Ketchup chips! The real kind I used to indulge in back home. Not the crap they sell here :( My sister nearly brought it to me, but forgot it in the bloody taxi in Abu Dhabi... so yes.. I am seriously disappointed :( I tried to order it online... and Aramex supposedly doesn't ship food.. so I am disappointed!

Source: I have been craving for some good old Popsicles.. but have yet to find one that actually tastes decent.. my poor husband went to the supermarket and got me every type he could find.. and none of them were right! ( Imagine me tasting it, and throwing it in the sink to melt!) Source- Just this morning I woke up wanting a good old funnel cake.. the kind I used to eat at Canada's wonderland.... ooo what I would do for just a bit! Source: My last pregnancy was nothing like this... I had no cravings.. (no real ones)... but this pregnancy.. I my mouth has been wanting specific things.. the sad thing is... its craving foods I don't have here.. lol The joys of pregnancy! Maybe I should travel back to Toronto just for my cravings..
Mar 21, 2009

3baya-less girls on Olaya Road!

My husband called me up at around 4pm, and asked me if I wanted to go anywhere after he was done at the gym, I said.. sure lets grab something to drink and go for a drive. He came and picked me up at about 5pm, and we started cruising a bit, we were driving on Olaya Rd (a pretty busy road in Riyadh). And I noticed about 4-5 of those 4 wheel thingys (Dababat). Anyway I looked closely and I noticed something was off, and I looked at my husband and was like.. aren't those two girls on the back of two of those!! He looked closely and was like OMG it is.. lol.. They were not covered, were wearing Capri's (Bermuda's), and t-shirts. They were both not wearing shoes, and had their long hair visible. I was shocked, and couldn't believe the guts this girls had to do that on such a busy road, at some a busy time (right before Maghreb Prayers here in Riyadh). Anyway, we didn't follow them as my husband and I felt that would have been unnecessary, and we watched many of the people around us staring at these girls in absolute awe. This would have been normal in other countries, even other neighbouring gulf countries (I have gone motorcycling in Kuwait, amongst many other activities that would be taboo here), But NOT Riyadh. I hope those girls weren't caught, and I hope that for their own sake they don't venture into those waters again. On another note, I saw a lady wearing something different, she was wearing a BLUE 3bayat ras (the 3baya you wear from the top of your head). It stood out, and was nice colour, she even had a blue face cover, so it was different, I guess people are trying to personalise their 3bayas in more ways then one. Alrighty.. I am outa here, I need to get my baby girl ready for sleep, and get her calm as she is still ultra hyper from her ventures outdoors :) Till the next time!
Mar 16, 2009

Ahhh.. she is growing up :)

My baby girl is growing up, she had me laughing like a mad woman twice yesterday! First time was when I for no particular reason took one of her Barney's and threw it across the room. She gave me the look of death, and sat there trying to get something to say to me... I was waiting for her usual babble and MAMA.. lol.. but what she said surprised me! She looked me right int he eyes, and said "WHY?!". I was in shock, and was sooo happy to see her actually speaking what she felt, even if it was ONE word.. lol.. I got up and got her Barney back to her, and said SORRY :) The second time was last night, just as I was putting her to sleep, she was pointing and trying to get me to give her something with her little babble. I looked at her and said.. LuLu say Please, she looks me straight in the eyes and says 'NO!'. Once again, I was in shock, and laughed! I know, I know, I shouldn't let her get used to talking like that to me, but it was her first time, and I was just in awe... my baby girl @ 20 months is talking back to me :D aaahhh.. I was expecting it in her teeny bopper years, but boy has she started early :) I love her to pieces.. and she just makes my day, she has started saying my name, and my husbands name, and I just love hearing her call my name when we are out and about.. lol... I used to call my daddy by his name when I was younger, and he LOVED it... now I know the feeling.. lol Alrighty... I am outa here... till the next time... Ciao!
Mar 15, 2009

A Little Rambling...

I have sat here today for hours reading different blogs. Many touched my heart, many of of them had me in tears, many had me in awe, whilst others had me smiling. I thank all of those fellow bloggers for bringing such truth and reality, to peoples attention. I haven't been blogging for some time now. At first it was due to family issues, and later it all goes down to my total laziness, and really not thinking I have anything to share with the world. While I have been gone many things have occurred. 1) My maternal uncle passed away (Allah yr7amak- May you rest in peace my dear uncle) 2) I have been in Shargiya for quite sometime, and finally returned to Riyadh about 2 weeks ago. 3) I have heard, and seen my little baby 2 times. The heartbeat had me in tears yet again, I just can't imagine what life was without my babies. The second ultrasound, actually had the baby moving (at only about 10 weeks and 2 days). I sat there in awe, and just started at my little hearth throb :) 4)One of my good friends have returned back to Riyadh after being away for over a year. 5) I have watched my little baby grown into a lovely little toddler... she truly puts a smile on my face everyday. I love her for it. She does the wildest things, yet those wild things have given my life a little sugar and spice. Much needed Sugar and Spice in a place so bland! 6) I have experienced the wildest dust storms in Shargiya and Riyadh! I didn't get good pics of the one in Shargiya, but have some awsome ones of the one here in Riyadh! (I will add them when I upload them enshallah) 7) I am breaking out like a little teeny bopper! Its annoying, I mean come on, we pregnant woman go through enough, our body will inevidtably go through much change, I won't be fitting back into my jeans anytime soon, I need to sleep with millions of pillows, AND I must sacrifice my face.. to pimples.... I know that just sounded sooo bloody selfish, after all I am having a little baby, another little being on this earth that I can boss around *evil laugh*... aaahh.. I love being pregnant, but wish these pimples would leave me alone! Anyways, lemme go into my past for a bit. I have been thinking of starting the whole potty training stage with my little baby girl, but have been hesitant as I am not so sure she is really read for it yet. It had me thinking, I was potty trained early, and was never known to wet my bed... BUT... I used to pee on myself when I was WIDE awake and about.. lol.. Yes I used to pee on myself. My bladder wasn't very good at holding anything in for too long, and I just used to stand and just let it out without even thinking twice about it. I recall two different instances when I was younger. The first one was when I was about 4 years old. I was at the bank with my nanny Melanie, and we were standing in line. I had the sudden urge to pee, I told her I needed to go to the washroom, and she told me to wait as we were nearly about to be served, and the line up behind us was very long. She pleaded with me to just hold my legs together and wait. Of course my little bladder couldn't handle it, and I just opened my legs up wide and released. lol.. the horror on her face, I will never forget it. She rushed me out, and couldn't even finish what she came for :) But to be perfectly honest, I had already warned her.. so it was her fault :D The second time I recall was when we were in Egypt, we were in a Taxi doing some site-seeing and about to go see some famous Masjid in Cairo. Again, the urge came, and I needed to release, I pleaded with them to stop the taxi, as I really needed to go to the washroom... I was of course told to hold it in till we got to our destination. Guess what i did? I released... let it all out, right there in the taxi. lol My family would now have to pay to get the taxi cleaned, they made it to the Masjid, and my elder sister was forced to stay with me and missed out on the tour... (till this day she has not let me forget about it.. lol). Once again, i warned them, and the ignored me, so it serves them right :D So I know, what goes around comes around, and I am ready to go through all this with one of my kids.. lol... It will be fun and eventful, and we will make out own little memories together enshallah... Its nearly my baby girls nap time, I have ignored her long enough by putting Barney on for her, and letting her at all her toys at once.. lol.. now its time for me to go feed her, give her some face time, and put her down for her nap. Till the next time :)
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