Jan 30, 2009


I was tagged by Mev, and here is my attempt at doing it at 1am :) NOTE: You have to add one additional "favorite" thing to the end of the list when you answer. Favorite color: Black Favorite perfume (guys): Tom Ford (my husband has an addiction to them at the moment.. can't seem to stop buying anyone he see's!!!) Favorite perfume (girls): J'adore Favorite pj brand: La Perla!!!! Favorite clothes brand in general: Massimo Dutti Favorite person in the entire world: I can't honestly just mention one! Favorite country: If you asked me a few years ago.. I would have said KUWAIT! At the moment.. there is no fav! Favorite car: a Particular Lexus I have my eyes on.. i won't say the name.. for I fear I may jinx it! Favorite sport: Tennis Favorite sport player: lol... should I just say Yasser Al-Gahtani.. (he is the only name that popped in my head).. Hold on David Bekham!!! Yes.. David! Favorite spot in America: New York, actually Las Vegas beats it! They are both alive 24/7! Favorite animal: Persian Cats! Favorite movie: White Chicks.. looool Favorite singer: anything U2! Favorite day in the week: Thursday! (It's like Saturday!) Favorite time of the day: I love dawn! Favorite holiday season: Eid Breaks... they are nice and long in Saudi! Favorite number: hmmm.. I don't really have one! Favorite food: Authentic Italian Cuisine! Favorite chocolate: Godiva Baby! Favorite cartoon: Snow White and Red Rose Favorite blogger: Now why would I narrow it down? They are all awesome! Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip Favorite Mobile Brand: Sony Ericsson!!!!!!! Favorite name: (female) Lujain (male) Abdullah Favorite hobby: Writing Poetry Favorite room in my house: Bedroom Favorite Fruit: A nice sweet cold mango! Favorite flower: Roses (any colour) Favorite Word: Dude! Favourite non religious book: Shopaholic Series :D I am reading Shopaholic and Baby as we speak :) Favorite hot drink: English Toffee (Timmys!) I have added... Favorite Shoes- Christian Louboutin!!! Now I am supposed to Tag someone... Can I just Tag whomever reads this blog? I don't wanna leave anyone out :)

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