Jan 21, 2009

A New year...

I have been away for quite sometime.. a lot of it for some personally reasons.. and others simply for the lack of really being up to blogging.
  • The holidays have come and gone ...
  • The New Years (I say the plural) as we have had New Years in Both the Gregorian and Hijri calenders.. So Happy Belated New years to all!
  • I have grown a year older (won't even begin to mention the age anymore.. lol).
  • Have seen History made in the US, hoping that change will be the new thing of the future. Welcome President Obama!
  • I have seen atrocities occur in Gaza, Palestine.. and have spent many a night in tears for the poor people massacred under the worlds watch. My Prayers are with you!
  • I have been saddened by my Canadian Government's position on the Massacre.
  • My little baby has grown up to be a lovely little toddler, with her very own personality.. :)
  • My father has come back into my life in full throttle, and I could not have been happier!
  • I have tried to omit as much negative forces as possible from my life!
All in all, things are hopefully turning for the best and my prayers are for peace in the world... wherever it may be. Whilst I have not been blogging myself, I have been browsing other blogs during my time away. Keeping up with peoples going-ons. I think I will end with that for today.. and hopefully I will wake up 2morrow, and blog again! Missed being in the blogosphere.. and hope to stay here for some time longer!


  1. Nice to see you back! Hope things are going good for you and your family, Insha'Allah.

    I haven't been posting much myself. I posted today though....YEAH!lol Hope to see you around more! Take care for now.....:)

    Oh, and happy new year to you too! :)

  2. Hey hon! It has been a long time! I hope all is well for you enshallah. How are the kids? Hopefully great.. On my side all is Ok.. il7amdlilaah!

    Take care hon!!!!

    I have missed ya!


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