Jan 22, 2009


My little girl has been doing something rather annoying for quite sometime. I try my best to let her know that she should not be doing it, yet she continues anyway. When she gets mad, she starts hitting herself on the hand, head or face. I try to tell her that it is ouch, and that she is hurting herself, yet it does not seem to be registering. I understand that at this age, she has a lot to say, but can not exactly make me understand. I try my darnest! I checked online, and saw that this is a normal thing for little toddlers at that age, but I don't recall my sisters kids doing it :( I can only imagine the wrong person seeing her do this in public, and think that I abuse my child (I have never hit her even once!) I could only imagine if the Childrens Aids folks were to see her doing it :( (Oh Yeah I am in Saudi, they would have a lot more things to worry about!) Anyway, I will continue to be patient, and continue to let her know that she should not be hitting herself. Best of luck to Moi! On a different note, I have been hearing a lot of fighter jets over the city of Riyadh for the last few days :( It gets VERY loud, and even my baby girl stops what she is doing and runs to the window to try find the source of this ultra loud room shaking sound! All in all I hope all is well in the city!


  1. I'm sure she will outgrow it. Kids go through all kinds of phases, and not every one goes through every phase. They are all different. Just keep discouraging her from doing it - she will eventually stop. I'm sure she gets plenty of attention from you, but maybe it's a way for her to get more attention from you?

  2. Hi
    We live worlds apart but your concerns and worries reflect mine in every way. I have a little daughter of my own. She is one and half and I know exactly how you feel. Your little one, if thats her photo, is lovely. Would like to know more about you. Keep in touch.

  3. Hey there Susie, maybe you are right.. sometimes I am right in front of her, but my mind is miles away. I want to be the best mom possible, but I just get overwhelmed with life in general, and get very homesick, taking my mind farrr away.. :) Thanks for the advise dear :)

    Payal, I would love to get to know more about you as well... I think its the beauty about the global village we have here online, no matter where you physically are, you get to meet and get to know people from areas in the world you have yet to visit! Thank you very much for visiting my blog :)

  4. You know, my son, Sayf, does that too! And lately, he bites himself as well. It is kinda silly and funny at the same time! What I do is try to calm him down while still maintaining my firmness!

    Usually he does it when I say "no no" to something he wanted or doing something bad (like hitting his brother or stealing his toy)! LOL He also stomps around the room while making these really funny monster like sounds!! Too too funny wallah!LOL

    He is 2 and a half and certainly that is the age. Oh glorious art thou the terrible twos!!!!LOL Even though, it is a daunting age that shall pass, still, I will be honest, it is the cutest age ever.

    I LOVE them and I am more accepting of their behavior till about age 5. Now, don't get me wrong, I will always love my kids no matter what. Yet, I dunno what it is but as soon as they hit school age they are no longer THAT cute anymore...LOL!! Trouble all of a sudden starts to arise and bigger responsibilities as well.

    If I had it my way, I would keep them this age forever....:)


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