Jan 23, 2009

Can't they read?

My Little girl is 18 months and 3 days old. She has had her passport since she was about 3 weeks old. Her name was misspelled by some incompetent fellow at the passport office, that simply did now know how to type in what they see in front of them! I have noticed that many offices here simply don't really check for spelling, they simply type in how they believe the name should be spelt! Why can't they just do their job well int eh first place? Why would they bother forcing us to fill out an application if they will disregard the spelling of the names or even the Date of birth? My Saudi ID has one birthday (wrong one of course), my hospital records have a different date of birth (they made me younger.. so i shouldn't be troubled by it right?! :D) Anyhoo, I get really frustrated by this, I like to give 110% when I do something, and I expect those people in charge of getting our legal papers together should also do the same! I know I am just ranting ... but its bloody well frustrating!
Anyway, I have been asking my husband to fix my daughters passport from the first day he brought it home- well over 17 months ago!!!. Her name is not spelt right, and It truly annoys me. I asked him again just now, and again, he mutters I will get it done enshallah.. how much longer shall i wait? Wouldn't it have been much better if I could just waltz into the passport office and get it done myself? Wishful thinking on my part...
Anyway on a brighter note.. today is Friday, and its lovely and sunny out. I can hear the Friday sermons throughout the city, I love it! There is a slight chill, but nothing I can't handle.. I hope my husband gets home before it gets too late, so my daughter and I can get out and see people out and about! I would love to get out to the desert, but I highly doubt hubby will want to do that :(
Gonna add a pic of some desserts I made last week... I enjoyed myself... they are cupcake shaped yummilicious, extra fattening, deliciousness :D

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  1. Those cupcakes look yummylicious! :)

    And in regards to the passport, all I can say is never expect much from A-RABS! LOL Things will always be misspelled, something that takes a day will take a month maybe a year, and last but definitely not least, when they say "Insha'Allah", it most often means NEVER!!LOLO


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