Oct 7, 2008

Why the hatred?... Cont...

My stupid self has lost the first part of this entry... so sorry... its gone.. poof... goodbye :(

Been quite a long time... but I am here to finish what I started... (it won't be too long, just taking it to the point enshallah, as I don't know how much time I will truly have to actually finish this post :) This is also my second try at finishing this post, and I will be sure to press the Save Now button every few seconds.. lol

I would like to jump right into the 'Wahabi' factor. I have found many people throw this term around a lot without truly knowing what it means. I have heard it in the media, I have heard it in blogs, I have heard people using it negatively. But let us look at him from the Islamic perspective. 'Wahabi' is not a sect. It is not a new form of the Islamic religion that Saudis and Pro Saudis follow. the term 'Wahabi' comes from Mohammed Ibn AbdulWahab. He was a good man that brought Islam back to this region. Before he revived Islam, people had started to deviate from Islam, There were Idols throughout the region, Although people were Muslim, they had forgotten what the essence of Islam was. Mohammed Ibn AbdulWahab, revived Islam back to how our Prophet PBUH had taught us it should be. He did not add any new elements, but simply brought Islam back to the people of this region.  

Another term I here being thrown around a lot os that of the 'Salaf'. Again people make it seem like 'Salaf' is a new sect in Islam. Again it is not! It is merely those that adhere to what was taught to us by the Prophet PBUH and the Caliphate. it is following Islam as it is meant to be without adding any deviations, taking away beliefs, and in a nutshell practicing Islam in its purest form. Many may say that after 1400 years its time to make changes. But that is the beauty of Islam, the teachings from centuries ago, are still applicable to todays world. And for that reason we have seen a rise in people who Convert (or revert) to Islam, as they find the missing links when they truly learn. Questions are asked, the answer is in Islam... 

Il7amdlilah, I was born a Muslim, but I also chose to remain Muslim. I was amongst people of many different faiths, from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhist, and even those that have chosen not to believe and have claimed Atheism as their belief. The above comments were my own, and as a human being I can easily make mistakes, and am willing to learn whenever possible.

I have done some quick searches for links that will go into further details on Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab, and what a Salafi is:


  1. What you say is soo true... barak Allaho feeki for highlighting that which we tend to take for granted her in KSA :) glad to see a non-hater :)

  2. You are right - there is no perfect place. There will always be pros and cons no matter where one lives. We need to try to focus on the positive things. I know that at times though when we reach a breaking point, we just feel the need to vent... maybe that is what's going on.

  3. Muslimscribbl;er- Thanks for passing... and glad u enjoyed my little rant. :)

    Susie of arabia- lol.. I guess blogs are here for us to vent through... we can;t exactly sit and yell at those around us.. so blogging is the perfect outlet :) Thanks for passing by.


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