Oct 18, 2008

What I am grateful for..

I am grateful to Many people...
I am grateful that Allah has blessed me with a wonderful Jewel of a daughter. "She is my sunshine, my only sunshine, she makes me happy, when the skies are grey.. she'll never know dear, how much I love her... Please don't take my sunshine away...." I love watching her grow, I love the little way she giggles, the little smile that curls up on her face when she looks up at me. The way she copies whatever I do, and tries to mimic an entire sentence I had just finished. I love how jolly she is around other, and how she puts a smile on the face of anyone that see's her. SHe is my Gift from Allah :)
I am grateful for the wonderful husband I have. We all have our flaws, but he is a great man. A loving husband, a loving father, and is always sure to try to make us as happy as possible. The song I dedicate to him is; 
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope I'll be your love Be everything that you need. I'll love you more with every breath Truly madly deeply do..
Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden
I am grateful for the most wonderful mother in the world. Our relationship is far more then a mother-daughter relationship. She is my best-friend. She is the first person I want to talk to when anything happens to me (good or bad). SHe has sacrifices so much of her life for us (my siblings) and has gone through hell and back to stand by us at all times. Our relationship wasn't always like this, but for the last 7 years our relationship has only gotten stronger. It has become even stronger after I got pregnant, and had my little Princess. I love you Mommy!
I am grateful to have my Super Dad as my Father: Although he has not always been there, he has always wanted the best for me, he has wanted my happiness, even when it wasn't the decision he would make. He has taught me to be outspoken, taught me not to take any ill treatment from anyone, and has taught me to stand up tall and speak my mind whether or not it was what the majorities wanted to hear. I love you Daddy!
I am grateful to my siblings. We are a unit. We stick together through thick and thin. We may have our issues, but once an outsider tries to come between us, we always remember that Blood is thicker then water. We have our laughs, we have our tearful moments. We have our fights, and we have our shouting matches, but at the end of the day, no matter how far apart we are, we are always there for each other, and love each other more then anyone can imagine!
There are many more people I am grateful to have in my life that truly make me feel complete, but if I sit there listing everyone, I just may continue writing for ever. Allah has blessed me, I, at times forget the good, and dwell on the bad. (Thus the Rants). I have dreams of a bright future, a future that will do good for my Family, my friends, myself, and the Children of Adam as a whole.


  1. Tis is a neautiful post.
    And a bit of ranting now and then is good for you too! get it off your chest, and then you can get back at counting your blessings :)

  2. beautiful
    I'm sick with my laptop on my belly...
    doesn't help with spelling

  3. Thank you so much for passing by aafke... and ranting is one of the best outlets I have found.. especially now that I can just rant about anything I want.. and hurt nobody :)

    Salamat... I hope you get better.. I think I am coming down with the flu myself.. so something is getting around :(

    Once again.. thanks for passing by :)

  4. Hi There...

    I really am so impressed with your blog...

    Subhana Allah...I really really dont know what to say...When I read this post ..Believe me I was taken aback by the similarities we share...My Relationship with My Loved ones are exactly as you described with yours...(Except I dont have a Daughter yet...But am Dreaming of a Day Allah Blesses me with one)...

    Yeah one more thing...Iam very forgetful..Ever since I got married!!!...

    Interesting Blog you have...Will definitely drop by


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