Oct 22, 2008


I will post as is.. I didn't make any additions.. as I have been busy at times.. and at other times... honestly was not even up to blogging about anything... anyway.. I will post as I left it the last time I was working on the list.. So my list is not complete and is farrr from ready- I will try to finish it slowly... and add the restaurants I remember).
I will leave you with a website that will give you all the information needed for many restaurant in Riyadh. They include price range, pics, and more.
(the site is new... and they are adding new restaurants all the time)
Sorry for taking So long to post this....
In my 4 years here, I have gone to many restaurants. If you ask my husband he will tell you that i am bloody picky, and need to make sure they are clean. I have been known to walk out of a restaurant AFTER being seated after I have noticed the place was not to my liking! Here are the the restaurants I have grown to love in this city is: Middle Eastern Foods- Burj el Hamam - Lebanese Restaurant. I love this place... but its more of a take out place.. I don't believe they have a family section... the prices are reasonable. Baalbak- Lebanese This place has some nice tasty foods... but I am not very fond of their family sitting area.. its a little too dark for my liking... Al-Reef al Lebnani Lovely food.. Lovely atmosphere.. The prices are average AbdulWahab- Lebanese I have yet to go to the actual restaurant.. but the food is Delicious.. and I find they have one of the best (and more expensive) shawarmas here in Riyadh. Mareez I have only ever had take out from here.. and it is quite cheap. Bohsali- Lebanese I am in love with their Cocktail Drink... but the food is OK. The nice thing about this place- for families that want complete privacy- is that you are seated in your own room (with door). Cafeblanc- Lebanese The Atmosphere is pretty nice... (it looks kind of like caves inside).. and the food is OK as well.. not expensive. G-Farah I have only ever eaten sandwiches from them.. and it was take-away. It tasted great.. but Ohhhh so fattening.. lol Shiraz- Iranian Nice food, and Nice atmosphere, Good prices Najd Village- Saudi The atmosphere is wonderful... it takes you back to the old days.. you are seated in traditional seating.. and the food is great! Prices are very reasonable International Cuisine 11-A Rosewood (al faisaliya) Al-Khozama The Grill Roma (Italian) La Campagna Mirage (Chinese) Golden Palace (Chinese) SteakHouse Tony Romas Applebees Chilis Duo Avadh Copper Chende Waterlemon Crepaway Fuddruckers Living Colors Three Amigos the Pizza Company- Not a fan @ all! Pizza Hut
Pizza Amore (Not bad at all!) Mega Wraps Sweets Halab Saadadin Diplomat Kabani Thawag A Lovely chocolate place in Centria Mall (I will add the name, the next time i pass by)
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