Oct 22, 2008

List of Restaurants in the Riyadh Area

I am working on a list of restaurants I have enjoyed here in Riyadh...
Stay tuned... :) 


  1. Salaam,

    Good idea! I hope you'll add a small review and maybe an idea of prices too!

    Umm Ibrahim

  2. W'Salam

    I will try to get the prices in... sorry its taking so long.. I am getting ready to travel, and need to get lots of shopping done.

    I will try my best to get it up as fast as possible...


  3. OMG!!:-O
    I've been workin' on mine 4 like 3 mths:)

    so strange that we have the same idea @ the same time:D

    sure I'll like urz anyway,

    peace out~

  4. Hey Mona.. I sure hope yours is much better than mine.. lol

    Coffee Catholic.. I must admit that YOU got me back to blogging... you asked the right question..lol


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