Oct 10, 2008

Fire! Smoke!

Ok.. I know i am behind in my blogging! I need to finish my 'why the hatred' entry... and I need to write a post for the my very first tag  When in the Masjid by Strangerinthisdunya :D... 
Can u imagine how awful I was in University? I was the queen of procrastination! Did it all last minute.. lol.. bes il7amdlilaaaaah I passed :D
Anyway since the title of this post is fire,.. and I have already made it clear that I am a procrastinator.. I might as well let u in on a tiny little secret... I FORGET things... its not like I forget the important things... I tend to forget little things.. its weird I know.. sometimes I will need to go back and make sure I turned off the stove (even after I already turned it off) as I have forgotten whether or not I checked already! This is not something old.. its rather new.. I mean PL (Pre-Lujain) I wasn't like this.. I remembered the smallest detail! Anyway... back to the Fire/Smoke... I was making some sweets earlier today.. and I made syrup (sugar, water, vanilla and a dash of lemon)... when I went to the kitchen (the upstairs one) I noticed it on the stove and saw that it was watery... So i turned on the stove, and was like.. OK a few minutes and it shall be done... anyway.. I went off to my room, got pre-occupied with my baby girl... and got a knock on the door by one of the maids... I opened it.. and that is when I smelt it... and I kinda saw it.. as the place was full of smoke (and this is not a small villa.. its rather huge)... my father-in-law was standing there in the sitting area in front of the kitchen and was like.. you forgot something on the stove... what happened? I of course was in utter shock... was totally embarrassed.. I didn't want my father-in-law thinking I was an incompetent little fool (he just returned yesterday after 3 months vacationing).. a great welcome back....
Never-the-less got the maids to clean up the mess.. (you could see them smirking to themselves... happy that 'madame' had made a big mistake and gotten caught by 'baba').. sprayed the place like crazy... opened the window.. turned on the vent.. and returned back to my room kicking myself in the ars every step of the way!
Now I am officially the forgetful daughter-in-law that burns things.. :D See dear hubby.. if we had our own place... behind closed doors away from watchful eyes....I wouldn't be put in this predicament!
Btw.. I kinda hinted to my FIL that a smoke detecter would have totally made things better... e7m e7m!


  1. Salaam,

    OK had better let you in on this one; it's called 'Mummy brain' and normally starts during pregnancy and should clear up (if we're lucky) when the last kid leaves home...!

    My hubby was so not happy with me last week for nearly burning his coffee maker. You know those little 3 piece metal Italian ones you put on the stove? I turned on the wrong ring (explains why the soup wasn't cookng anyway) and his empty coffee pot was there; the rubber ring inside is all bubbly now and he kept going on and on about how I'll burn the house down one day.. yeah so you're not the only one! These guys don't have poppy nappies and breastfeeding to deal with!

    Umm Ibrahim

  2. if it makes you feel better, i do it all the time too. and i dont even have "Mommy brain." The first time i tried to cook for my husband i thought i would be all smarty and cook kapsia (shh, but we werent married yet) i managed to burn the rice, set off ALL the smoke alarms in the house, and by the end, it was so over spiced too that one bite was all it took to realize that the food was 100% unedible.... i am suprised he would even eat food i made after that, never the less marry me.

  3. Hmm, I have a small mini-vault next to my front door, because I keep forgetting my keuys, or worse: throw them into the underground trash-container together with my trash. (that was a bummer)
    And I forget everything! I need to go shopping with a shopping list, and carefully strike off the things I got...
    Sometimes I wonder if I should be let loose at all.....

  4. LOL. Girls me too. I have thrown away a few pots for boiling the water out of my beans and having a chard up bottom pot. Its a mess.

    Don't feel bad.Something happens around the kids.


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