Sep 29, 2008

Size 8? Would you like a size 10 as well?

I hate shopping. I truly hate shopping. I hate looking for the right size! I want to wear size 8! (I wore size 6 pre-baby. So asking for a size 8 shouldn't be too bad!I am sick of buying endless size 8's, only to bring them home, and see that they barely pass my thunder thighs, and have a very very hard time zipping up (even after I lie down and suck in and try my darn hardest to make them fit!) I heard about a pair of jeans that have some weird sizes... they are really size 12's but have the size 8 on it (aaaahhh... its the number that counts... ermmm... right?!) [I can't bother googling it right about now] SO down with those annoying looks of are you sure u can fit in a size 8? Darn it... I am the customer and the customer is always right.. so if I say I am an 8, you better bring me a size 8! It might not fit, I might struggle to make it fit... I might even lie to u in the end and tell u that they fit perfectly, but are a tad bit short.. (lol)...  anyhoo.. enough with that little rant!
I'm out :)

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