Sep 25, 2008

Losing my Religion?

Ok... Perhaps I am not losing my religion, but I have definitely put a LONG hold on furthering my religious aspirations! One may ask how that is. Well, I was sitting here watching Salatul Qiyam on TV, and it hit me- I HAVE NEVER READ THE ENTIRE QURAN!!! I have read parts of it, but have NEVER READ THe QURAN FROM COVER TO COVER! I am nearing 30, and this is truly a disturbing revelation to me! How did I let myself get like this? Another thing that hit me was that the last time I actually memorized anything from the Quran was well over 15 years ago! All those years, I have been busy with my life, doing my thing, and I did not stop to memorize one verse of the Quran! I feel truly saddened... Allah yahdeeni! Now I ask myself, why I let myself becoming like this? Why have I opted to give such little time to Allah and his words? 
I am hoping and praying that the self realization of this sad state I am in, is one step closer to changing it. May Allah make it easier for me to give time to read and soak in his words. I love my religion, I truly love Allah, and I don't want to lose my religion!
PS- Last night was sad, as many people know it was Saudi National Day, and my husband was telling me that on his way home, there were all these teenage boys in the streets putting on loud music and dancing in the streets. One may say... thats fine.. they are showing they are nationalistic.... but the sad reality was, while they were partying in streets, they missed the Qiyam prayers, and obviously had their music playing while the versus of the Quran were heard throughout the city of Riyadh.... We need serious help...  Allah yahdeena!


  1. Liked ur wordz so much:)

    Allah yehdeena gamee3an..

    the feeling that you have is the beggining of the change in God's well:)..
    I was in the same situation as U,
    but I'll read the whole Qur'an
    this Ramadan in God's well.Pray to God 'n ask him to help U.
    May Allah help us all.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mona... and welcome to my blog :)


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