Sep 28, 2008

Leopard Print Band-Aid :D

There is officially 2 days left till Eid. All Workers have most likely begun their Eid Holidays. The malls are bustling, the firecrackers are few (THANK GOD!!!), and the streets are crowded with teenagers looking for a good time. In the malls run the familes that are trying to get their last minute shopping done. (think of it as the rush at the mall the day before christmas.. now add 10 kids per family.. lol)! I need to go buy a baby gift for one of my friends, meaning I need to make my way to Mamlaka to go to Tiffany's where I tend to buy all the baby gifts I need to give (I think I should buy some extra gifts, as I am sure I will have to give 2 more gifts before October is over).
My baby girl hurt herself a few weeks ago (a door slammed OPEN on her big toe, and the nail was nearly completely ripped off (YES MAJOR OUCH!!!) I have been trying to keep it short by cutting it on a daily basis, and then putting some antibiotic cream on it, then wrap a band-aid around it! The problem was my baby girl kept removing the band-aid! So my brilliant self remembered I had some leopard scotch tape. I put the band-aid on, and then put a piece of the tape on top of it. My baby girl LOVED IT! its her new fashion accessory! (yes i know there are band-aids made for kids available ABROAD... but I have yet to find it here... so I have ordered many different kinds through Amazon :)
Anyway.. I will leave u with a pic of my baby girl and her little toe.. lol


  1. Hi
    Go to to the pharmacy that belongs to Dr. Sulaiman Al Habeeb Medical Center. They have a variety of children band-aids with all sorts of cartoon characters and they are only about 12 riyals a box.
    I think I have also seen them at Panda and Tammimi Supermarkets

  2. Hi Eman

    Thank you for much for the heads up! Much appreciated! I ordered several boxes from Amazon already.. lol.. But I will be sure to check out the locations you pointed out... mashooora wayed!!!!

    Thanks for coming to my blog... come again...

  3. I don't know how you found me but I'm glad that you did because now I found you as well. I like your writing and I will be back to see more, of course that is when I am not laboring on my own little known site. Thank You so much for the link.


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