Size 8? Would you like a size 10 as well?

I hate shopping. I truly hate shopping. I hate looking for the right size! I want to wear size 8! (I wore size 6 pre-baby. So asking for a size 8 shouldn't be too bad!I am sick of buying endless size 8's, only to bring them home, and see that they barely pass my thunder thighs, and have a very very hard time zipping up (even after I lie down and suck in and try my darn hardest to make them fit!) I heard about a pair of jeans that have some weird sizes... they are really size 12's but have the size 8 on it (aaaahhh... its the number that counts... ermmm... right?!) [I can't bother googling it right about now] SO down with those annoying looks of are you sure u can fit in a size 8? Darn it... I am the customer and the customer is always right.. so if I say I am an 8, you better bring me a size 8! It might not fit, I might struggle to make it fit... I might even lie to u in the end and tell u that they fit perfectly, but are a tad bit short.. (lol)...  anyhoo.. enough with that little rant!
I'm out :)
Sep 28, 2008

Procrastination Sucks!

I was supposed to get my hair done, get some waxing and threading done, and my mani and pedi! Last night as I was ready to go, my friend calls me and asks if I can pls come over... I said sure, but I can't stay for too long. I stayed for more then 5 hours! Got home at about 4am! So its safe to say that NO I didn't get my things done. I was all cool, as I was sure I could get it done tonight. I just got off with the Salon, and they have sadly informed me that as there is a huge crowd, there is NO walk-in, and there are no more appointments available all night! So yes I am screwed... Procrastination truly sucks BIG TIME!

Leopard Print Band-Aid :D

There is officially 2 days left till Eid. All Workers have most likely begun their Eid Holidays. The malls are bustling, the firecrackers are few (THANK GOD!!!), and the streets are crowded with teenagers looking for a good time. In the malls run the familes that are trying to get their last minute shopping done. (think of it as the rush at the mall the day before christmas.. now add 10 kids per family.. lol)! I need to go buy a baby gift for one of my friends, meaning I need to make my way to Mamlaka to go to Tiffany's where I tend to buy all the baby gifts I need to give (I think I should buy some extra gifts, as I am sure I will have to give 2 more gifts before October is over).
My baby girl hurt herself a few weeks ago (a door slammed OPEN on her big toe, and the nail was nearly completely ripped off (YES MAJOR OUCH!!!) I have been trying to keep it short by cutting it on a daily basis, and then putting some antibiotic cream on it, then wrap a band-aid around it! The problem was my baby girl kept removing the band-aid! So my brilliant self remembered I had some leopard scotch tape. I put the band-aid on, and then put a piece of the tape on top of it. My baby girl LOVED IT! its her new fashion accessory! (yes i know there are band-aids made for kids available ABROAD... but I have yet to find it here... so I have ordered many different kinds through Amazon :)
Anyway.. I will leave u with a pic of my baby girl and her little toe.. lol
Sep 25, 2008

Losing my Religion?

Ok... Perhaps I am not losing my religion, but I have definitely put a LONG hold on furthering my religious aspirations! One may ask how that is. Well, I was sitting here watching Salatul Qiyam on TV, and it hit me- I HAVE NEVER READ THE ENTIRE QURAN!!! I have read parts of it, but have NEVER READ THe QURAN FROM COVER TO COVER! I am nearing 30, and this is truly a disturbing revelation to me! How did I let myself get like this? Another thing that hit me was that the last time I actually memorized anything from the Quran was well over 15 years ago! All those years, I have been busy with my life, doing my thing, and I did not stop to memorize one verse of the Quran! I feel truly saddened... Allah yahdeeni! Now I ask myself, why I let myself becoming like this? Why have I opted to give such little time to Allah and his words? 
I am hoping and praying that the self realization of this sad state I am in, is one step closer to changing it. May Allah make it easier for me to give time to read and soak in his words. I love my religion, I truly love Allah, and I don't want to lose my religion!
PS- Last night was sad, as many people know it was Saudi National Day, and my husband was telling me that on his way home, there were all these teenage boys in the streets putting on loud music and dancing in the streets. One may say... thats fine.. they are showing they are nationalistic.... but the sad reality was, while they were partying in streets, they missed the Qiyam prayers, and obviously had their music playing while the versus of the Quran were heard throughout the city of Riyadh.... We need serious help...  Allah yahdeena!
Sep 24, 2008

So you think you can dance!

Hey there folks...
Once again I have been away for a while. I can't even say I have been busy! My days consist of waking up, feeding, changing, and playing with my little princess. Then it's off to the kitchen to start preparing the Futoor. In our home we tend to make finger foods to break our fast with. Samboosa varieties, Fatayer varieties, Different types of sweets, custard (although this year I only made it once while back here in Riyadh!), then later on we will have our meal after Isha prayers, and finish our eating spree with a glass of laban and some dates as our su7oor. Pretty simple, nothing too fussy, and just enough to keep us going for the day! oh and I can't forget to mention my cup of tea :D
My daughter is truly growing up, she is doing cute new things on a daily basis. About 3 weeks ago I noticed my little princess walking around with an old mobile close to her ear babbling on and on... and she would start laughing and continue walking! I was in stitches!  my baby was mimicking me! That's how I talk on the phone... I don't like to sit down, I like to walk around while talking.. lets call it phone aerobics!!   Then she started coming to me when I am on the phone and taking it and talking to the person on the phone (usually my mother.. lol) It was bloody hilarious!!! She still loves to dance, if she hears even the slightest beat of music, she is up on her feet moving her little tush! Watch out 'So you think you can dance' I have a little contestant ready to try out :D
On a different note, It is now the last 10 days of Ramadhan, time sure flies... I am sadly unable to pray :( (I seriously need to go to a doctor... my second time this month and I have only fasted 2 weeks !!!combined!!! this ramadhan! So it's keeping me from joining the prayers. *sigh*
Anyway, I have put in a quick post... now I need to run back to the kitchen before the food burns.. lol
I will try to be back again soon... but enshallah I will be back full time After Eid. My mother is very ill, and I will be visiting her enshallah... (pls add her to your prayers)
Thanks all, and pls have a blessed month!
Sep 13, 2008

Back to Riyadh

I finally got back to Riyadh yesterday... I am sorrrry for being away for so long, without any notice! It will take me a few days to get back to my routine... so I shall be back and posting as soon as that is all done... oooo and Mabroook 3laikum el shaher... I pray that your Ramadhan is going smoothly... the prayers, good food, even better sweets... yummilicious!
Take care... and thanks for passing by!
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