Aug 18, 2008

Some Ramblings....

I have always missed my childhood. Nostalgic memories that always take me back to the past. I miss being the one that was taken care of. The one that needn't worry about what tomorrow would bring. I miss my carefree days, where the most important thing was to wake up early on a Saturday morning, and watch all my morning cartoons. I miss being pampered by my mother. I remember looking up at her as a little girl, and wondering when I would ever grow up like her. I remember seeing her reach the top cabinets and get me whatever i wanted. Mind you my mother is 5'4" and I have outgrown her to a towering 5'9". I miss our weekends at the British club in AD, munching on our club sandwiches and fries, topped off with a nice cooling ice-cream. I miss our days rollerskating (not blading) down the Corniche in our matching skates, eating our roasted nuts. I miss our trips to the guest house in RAK, I miss it all... I was searching online, and found one of my favourite childhood tales: Snow White and Rose Red... I am trying to find the DVD.. here I will leave you with a link to the story On other areas of life, i am trying to get ready for Ramadhan enshallah... I need to get the samboosa's done... (I like to make them early- as my hubby loves my spicy recipe :) , and pack them up in the freezer, so that I can pop them into the oven before maghreb everyday).. I will be traveling for a week or two, so far I am sure that a few days will be spent with my family, a few days will be spent in Bahrain and the rest... I am not so sure.. it will be a surprise... its our anniversary... and hubby wants to surprise me enshallah :) I will sign off now.. I am sorry for not posting lately.... as I have been busy in my own little la-la land... I will try my best to post soon enshallah...

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