Aug 2, 2008

Reflection time...

As Ramadhan quickly appraoches, I know many things will be changing. We will be sleeping through the day, and bustling through the night. It will be a month when all evil is set away, and a time when prayers and self refection will occur. We shall pray to Allah SWT, and pray for our loved ones. We shall pray for world peace, and pray for good in all arena's of life.
If you are in the middle east, it will probably be a time when you're days will be filled with watching Special Ramadhan Soap Operas, comedy flicks, and just plain jargon. I remember how weird it felt my first Ramadhan here after getting married. I would have figured that people would break their fast, and then get ready to pray Tarawee7. What I saw was different. Families would break their fast with WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!, and then move on to tea, coffee, and sweats and plant themselves in front of the television. They would watch Khaleeji, Egyption, or Shami musalsals. There was no time for reflection, as people were busy and glued to their television. 4 years later, I find myself on that very same schedule. I don't think I can handle anymore of those VIMTO commercials!!!!! It's truly sad, when we have the chance to truly pray to our creator, and instead we chose to sit in front of the television instead of opening ones Quran, and reading the versus, instead of going to tarawee7 or qiyam (last ten days) prayers... I find we had more religion in Toronto...
This year, I want to try something different, I will not make any promises, but I will try to cut down on my TV time, and increase my Quran time. I want to try to make it to as many Tarawee7 prayers as possible, and if it is not possible for me, that I perform those prayers at home. I want to reflect upon myself, my life, my surroundings. I want my baby girl to feel the true essence of Ramadhan.
And since i am on my changes.. I would like to add a few more...
1) I want to seriously cut down on my soda habit! I drink Diet crap... Pepsi Max is my main drink, but I seriously need to stop it. I have started drinking one daily! and its a sick habit. I stopped drinking all sodas for 2-3 years prior to coming to Saudi, and was quite healthy... not this once a day habit is getting the best of me... Soooo.. hopefully I will be able to say Good-bye to the Soda habit!
Healthy Weight Loss (© Photographer: Sandra Gligorijevic Agency:
2) I want to eat healthier foods, I always have fruits around me, but I must admit that I no longer eat it like I should, I might eat one apple every few days.. and its not good for me. I want to add more veggies to my diet (and I actually love veggies!) ...I need to also remember to take my vitamins and try to do some sort of detox to get rid of the destruction caused by my bad Pepsi Max habit!
3) I need to start working out, even if I can't hit the gym, I want to do something, maybe its about time I finally fix the gym at home, and get some new equipment brought in!
4) I want to focus more on my daughter eating habits. I want to start planning out her meals a week in advance, and want it to have all the food groups she needs to grow up as a healthy little baby girl enshallah.
5) I need to give myself a little more me time, I need to get to the spa, get mani's and pedis' more... a facial is definitely needed, and all over pampering myself, even if its once every 2 weeks.
6) I need to start researching on Masters programs that I can do from Saudi Arabia. I feel the need to pursue my higher education, and will have to work on actually getting there...
I know there are more... but I will stop for now.. ad my brain can't think of anymore.
K... I am done...
Ciao 4 now!


  1. My wife gets on me about the soda thing as well. I drink a lot of it.

    Speaking of that......time to go grab a soda!

  2. That's so ironic how you found the Ramadan atmosphere more religious here in Toronto but quite different in Saudi Arabia, which is home to the two most important places in terms of Islamic history!

    Do you find a difference in how people practice Islam between the two places?

  3. OH, I am so glad you posted about Ramadan.I was raised up in KSA and Ramadan is one of the most precious memories of my childhood.It was such a spritual time. OH how I wish I can spend another Ramadan with my family in Alkhober once again.Please do keep posting in Ramadan.


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