Aug 4, 2008

5 Places I want to Visit...

I am truly in the travelling mood... so perhaps if I put the places I would love to visit on my blog, it can give some kind of hint to my dear hubby.. :) I have tons of places I would love to go visit... but I will make my list short and simple... in a few weeks I will probably have a new list of places I would like to visit... :)
So here it goes... I will list 5 places I would like to go to (That I have never been to before)
1) Marbella (Spain)
2) Mauritius
3) Austria
4) Queensland (The Golden Coast)
5) Hawaii
Where would you like to go, if you could be anywhere in the world?


  1. Makkah for Hajj! I have never done hajj or umrah before so I reallyy want to, inshAllah.

    And also to visit the Prophet (SAW)'s mosque in Madinah.

  2. I have been to Spain and Austria, I love them both.

    I'd like to go to the other places you mentioned as well.

  3. Caucasus! I've been in love with that region since I was a child:

  4. Muslim Girl- Enshallah you will get there one day... and you will truly feel at peace. I want to go for hajj soon as well, I was kinda hoping I would do it before it gets too Hot- the longer I wait, the hotter it will be! btw... lovely blog!

    Abu Sinan, I would love to go, I will hopefully cross them off my list soon enshallah :)

    Dubai Jazz, Caucasus looks lovely... I never even heard of it till now!!! I love the snow covered mountains... makes me wanna sit in front of a fireplace drinking a nice cup of Hot Cocoa with marshmallows with a window facing those mountains... ahhhhhh :)

  5. l.i. riyadh: thanks! i like yours too :)

  6. I don't see Oman on your list (wink wink)!


    I would love to travel to Germany, Italy mom's back yard! :)

  7. lol.. l_oman.. I have been to Oman... so I could not add it to my list as much as I would have reallly wanted to ;) ;)


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