Jul 13, 2008

Swarovski KSA

I am getting VERY annoyed by Swarovski here in Riyadh. I have been going there for a long time, and have always loved to get accessories from them. They were great, the salesmen knew me by name, and I loved their service. Now, for about 9 months, things have gone downhill! NOTHING NEW HAS BEEN PUT ON DISPLAY! The store is now borederline EMPTY! Nothing to even check out. THe Swarvoski in the other Gulf States are doing well, and have their new goods on display periodically. I was told by the salesman that I should contact ZMORODYA Al Abdullatif, and complain.... so Come on Swarovski KSA, how long is this going to last! I have a 500SAR Certificate to buy something from them, and I see nothing to buy! Anyone who has free time to make complaints can call the head office at 01-273-3377 !!!!


  1. Yikes! I like some of the stuff "Swarovski" sells. Pretty nice!

  2. :( I am still disappointed with them.. lol... khair enshallah! That's Saudi Business for ya!


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