Jul 28, 2008


I apologise for not writing any posts in quite sometime. I promised myself that I would not allow this blog (the third attempt in 4 years) to go to waste and be sent to its grave! So here I am... In the last week, I have been busy with getting my daughters 1st birthday party ready. Needed to get the decoration sin tact. Can you believe the party place wanted to charge me 1,000 SAR to decorate the place for the birthday party! I of course said HELL NO. Bought to supplies, and decorated the place myself... blew up the balloons myself, and did some arts and crafts and made some fun looking banners- my husband was making fun of me, saying i looked like some child in KG! I didn't care, I kept on doing it, and the party was a blast. We didn't have many people. We had my husbands uncle, his wife and their 6 kids. My husbands sister and her kids. And that pretty much kept us busy! We served some traditional Arabic goodies.. yummy. The chips and chocolate were also in place.. and the cake (A large cake with her picture on it) was the the cherry on top! My baby girl danced (or bounced)... played the piano for her guests, and was joined by her cousin playing a duet :D I love being a mommy... next year I have better plans for the big day... hmmmm... this shall be fun! I realised one of my sunglasses have been stolen, and I am very sad. Not only is the price of it killing me, but the fact that it was most probably stolen by a person I actually trusted... arghhhh.... we shall see how things play out in that arena. All in All I am happy, and pray that my family is blessed with this happiness. Tomorrow is a big day for my father, so if everyone that reads this can add him to ur prayers, I would truly appreciate it. I love you baba!

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