Jul 2, 2008

A Positive Me

Hey folks... (Ok.. by now I know I am speaking to myself.. lol)...
I have been gloomy and down for a while, but I need to be more positive...
I need to see the glass as half full instead of the usual half empty...
more optimistic rather them pessimistic...
So... I will try to stay a lot more positive. Will talk about the wonderful new things my daughter is now doing... I still can't believe its nearly been a year since I had my sweety.
Time sure does fly. She is kissing me now... throwing kisses to me... standing up.. and trying her hardest to balance on her own till she falls down on her bum.. (an adorable site I tell you). She has truly grown from the little newborn she was.
I am starting to realise she has a strong personality. She sticks to her guns (yes already!)... when one of the maids tries to wave her over.. my little lulu sits in place and instead waves HER over.. loool... that was sooo adorable! But this also reminds me that this is the time I need to teach my daughter right from wrong, I need her to learn what actions are acceptable.
I need to try (very hard) not to laugh when she slaps her daddy... and teach her that that will not be accepted.
The lovely thing is, she is learning. She listens to what she is told *by me.. lol. As I am her only caregiver. I am glad I did not bow down to the wishes of others and to this day do everything for my baby. People used to tell me I should get a nanny. For what? to take care of my baby? I am perfectly capable of changing diapers, washing my baby, feeding her, playing with her, taking her out, and showing her some old fashioned TLC!
My mom raised 5 of us (there were maids.. but they were for the house chores... not us). And for as long as we were in the US and Canada, my mom did everything herself, cleaning/cooking/ caring for us when ill/helping us with our homework, driving us to and from some practise or another. She was my superwoman! And I want to be my daughters Superwoman. :D
Signing out....


  1. It is amazing to watch your little ones grow, isn't it?:) Children are the best thing in life! Nice blog.....thanks for visiting mine!:)

  2. YES watching her grow has been truly amazing! I love every second of it.

    Thanks soo much for visiting... *yuppieeeee*... I think u r officially my first visitor :D


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