Jul 13, 2008

Planet Hollywood Riyadh

LuLu enjoying her Napkins.. lol
Having Lunch at Planet Hollywood in Mamlaka... the food wasn't half bad! And the dessert was Yummilicious! I only remembered to take shots of the appetizers and the dessert... OoOoOps! lol
Fries with Cheese etc
jalapeno something or the other.. was nice.. but not spicey at all!

Melt-in-our mouth brownie dessert Snickers pie dessert


  1. All this food is making me hungry! LOL

  2. Those look like jalapeno poppers. They are breaded, deep fried, stuffed usually with cream cheese or cheddar cheese.

    I LOVE THEM. They are usually spicy however.

  3. Manal- You are more then welcome to join the next time around...:)

    Abu Sinan... YES YES YES.. that's what it was... very yummy.. just not spicy :( Or maybe I have a very high spice tolerance.. and it just didn't even get anywhere near it.. lol

  4. Ah! You are so lucky to have those types of restaurants there. The only 'chain' restaurants we have in Oman are: Chili's, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns (and of course McD's / KFC / Hardees).

  5. I haven't had the chance to see much of Oman, and have only been to Bureimi... they didn't even have any of those restaurants... I remember they had Bureimi Fried Chicken... and the restaurants we were used to were found across the border in Al-Ain.. lol

    From what I have seen Oman is changing, and many franchises will be coming there quite soon... :D Thanks for coming by....

  6. Of course you have your yummi places as well, like al Baik!


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