Jul 7, 2008

My Dancing (Nearly 1 Year old) Baby =)

My Daughter is such a little character. Whenever she hears music playing, u see her in her little groove, even if its a commercial jingle. Its hilarious. She goes into her own little world, and just dances and moved to her beat. Nowadays, she just cruises around everywhere, and keeps finding new things to examine, and try out. As I am writing this post, she has found the XBOX, and is tangled up in the joystick wires. (I am near by, I won't let her get all choked up in them.. don't worry :D) Its adorable, OK, now she has started her grunting in her little corner facing away from anyones watchful eye, lol.. yes, she is doing her little business in her diaper... I wonder when I can start potty training :) Anyway, I am thankful to say I am feeling much better today (il7amdlilah)... ITS NEARLY MY BABIES FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! TIME FLIES!!!! I need to get ready for the weekend, I have already asked the maids to go out and clean the pool house as I am most probably gonna have my Babies first birthday party there. I just need to make sure everyone steers clear of the actual pool, unless they are with their parents enshallah. Good thing is we are making it a family affair, so there shouldn't be many kids running around. I need to order a cake, I wanted to get a nice ice cream cake from Carvels (yummilicious), but my husband wants to get a custom made one from Diplomat, and have our daughters picture on it.... hmmm.. I don't really like that.. I would rather have a nice pink castle cake... :D Really girly... anyway, we will probably end up getting both. I also want to bake some cupcakes, as I have yet to find a place here that actually sells CUPCAKES :( sooo... it shall be interesting. Till the next time....


  1. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend! Happy Birthday to the little cutie! Allah yes3edha wa yekhaliha ya Rab.....titraba fe 3zakum INsha'Allah.......

  2. I hope it will be hon... my daughters birthday is actually on the 20th, but since my siblings will not be in the country that time of the month, she gets a special early birthday as well.. lol...

    oo mashkoora 7abeebti... Allah yes3ad awladkum oo yes3edkum enshallah... XOXO!!!

  3. hey Manal.. if ur back.. u can check the reply on the 'mona' blog entry... :D


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