Jul 3, 2008

Mona (a Jerusalemite) tells about the silent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land | Palestine Think Tank

This is a very sad story indeed. I was once very much into Middle Eastern politics. I studied Political Science and Sociology in university, and have my degree on those subjects. I was once very enthusiastic, going to every protest there was on the Palestine issue. I recall many days standing outside the US embassy waving flags, and holding banners, hoping that we would get the attention of someone important enough to do something. We were ignored. Yet we kept going at it. I took every chance to discuss this topic in my Poli-sci classes, but it was helpful that my professors were not seeing things my way. They were mainly Jewish, and had a strong bond to their homeland. I would keep read up, watch the news at every waking moment, trying to change things... but I came to realise that I was doing no more then giving myself heartache. The protests fell on deaf ears. My arguments were ignored, and caused me lots of problems in my university days. Its been over 4 years since I have graduated, and for most of those 4 years, I have steered clear of this subject. I would cry when I saw the atrocities happening to people on tv, my heart would feel pain everytime I heard a story of my fellow Muslims being persecuted in such a manner. Yet the worst feeling was, the feeling that I could do nothing. Anyway, I have come across this on a blog, and wanted to share it with anyone that may find themselves here... and for me to come back and read to get my perspetive back. My heart is with the people of Palestine. Their strugle is close to my heart. Mona (a Jerusalemite) tells about the silent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land Palestine Think Tank Posted using ShareThis


  1. I am still into Middle Eastern politics. As a matter of fact, it is my involvement in Palestinian issues that lead me to convert to Islam, Alhamdulillah.

    The Israelis are seeking to completely destroy the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem.

  2. There is no doubt... Middle Eastern politics IS and always will be of great importance. I just feel helpless on the subject, and wish I could do more. I have not forgotten, but I must admit I have not been as I was in my previous years.

    I know the Israelis have an Agenda... there agenda isn't even a hidden one, and sadly the world is marching to their beat.

    Although they have an agenda... il7amdlilah Allah also has an agenda.. and Allah is far Superior il7amdlilah.

    Thank you for visiting my blog... :)

  3. This whole Palestinian/Israel thing really sucks! Wallahi it is true that "Evil comes from within ourselves not from God nor even Satan, himself".........I feel people sometimes are asking for Judgement Day to come quickly through their inconceivable and disgusting actions.....

    Anyway, just wanted to know if it is okay with you to add you to my blog? How long have you lived outside of Saudi and where?

  4. Hey Manal... of course you can add me to your blog... I would be honoured!

    I have lived everywhere.. lol.. Born in the UAE, Lived in Marietta Georgia, moved on to Montreal... moved on to Toronto, (moved many times within the city and the surrounding suburbs). Lived in Syria, lived in Kuwait, went back to Toronto to get my BA, moved to Riyadh 4 years ago.. and have been here ever since.. lol

    But it all truly broadened my horizons... taught me things I would NEVER know if I lived in Any country, let alone Saudi all my life.. lol

    PS: Now i kinda feel bad for linking you without ur permission.. lol.. Hopefully it was OK with you?

  5. Oh, I didn't even realize you linked me! LOL Thanks a bunch! Of course, I don't mind. Masha'Allah, you have certainly been around. My family and I did a lot of traveling as well. But mostly, when I was younger, so I can not remember much.

    I was actually born in Karachi, Pakistan. My dad, bless his soul, used to be a diplomat for the Saudi Gov't, which is why we moved a lot as well. It was only around age 5 that my father got located to work in the US for the SA embassy here. And so, we have been here ever since......Now, I did move back home briefly (2 and a half years) but came back to the US again after my divorce.....long story!!LOL

  6. Manal... You have an exciting story to tell!... lol.. too bad we weren't in the same city... we could have had coffee over all this.. loool... but being around such diversity is what I believe makes one more open to the world... understanding to those things occuring around us!

  7. lemme just add it here quickly... I am firstly not Saudi. I am the daughter of a Saudi Mom, that NEVER waited for permission from the government to get married to my father. They lived happily in the UAE (amongst many other countires that accepted their marriage), and now that my mom is back in Saudi (My parents have since divorced), she is here as a woman who 'officially' has no children, although unofficially she has 5 adult aged children.

    I am married to my Saudi husband, and had to wait 6 months to get permission to get married from the government, and finalize the official papers (ofcourse with the help of vitamin W!).. So hon.... I truly understand everything you are going through... oo I truly hope all goes well for you, and that your children will be recognised by their mothers country enshallah...

    I never usually get this personal.. but figured what the heck!.. lol

  8. Sorry for your parents divorce. Oh, I thought you were Saudi.....lol! Sorry!

    As the saying goes, you only know what someone is going through when you have been in their shoes as well........Glad that you finally got the permission though, Alhamdulillah.:)

    Insha'Allah we will, we are waiting. After all, we really have no other choice anyway.......

    I appreciate you giving me this info. If you want, and you have something personal to tell me, next time just go ahead and instead, email me if you like. It is up to you!


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