Jul 12, 2008

Maids- A Neccessity I would rather live without!

Hey there... my weekend was too bloody quick! I truly enjoyed my time with my brother and sister. We went shopping, went swimming, watched movies, and just chilaxed for the weekend... If only we could have longer weekends.. I saw we petition to get Thurs-Sat as the official weekends in the Kingdom :D
Anyway, one of our maids left last night for her vacation. She as the only good maid I have seen in this house since I have been here (about 4 years), and I have seen 2 others leave, and I am stuck with the worst of the crop at the moment. Our house is quit large, and needs lots of work. We need maids that actually work, instead of making themselves a cup of tea/coffee and sitting in front of the TV watching Soaps (In different languages). At times I wish I could send them all home, and just take care of my own domain. But with the sizes of the homes, it ends up being hard. I believe it would be better off to get one of those maids that come for the day to clean, and retire elsewhere. In my years here, I have seen maids steal, (Not limited to Phones, Watches, LV PEN!!!, clothing, wallets, shoes, and even bloody underwear!!!!!). I have caught a maid with a man in the pool house (actually hiding in the sauna room with her guy.) I have seen maids who talk rudely, who want to run up phone bills. I have seen maids that threaten BLACK MAGIC to people, and Talk on their mobile phone anytime of the day and not do their actual work. I always wonder what is going on. I don't remember any of this happening in our homes. My mom ALWAYS treated our maids with dignity, gave them a day off, and was friends with them, and they did all their work, and were happy to live with us. What is happening to the maids of today? in this house? I truly don't know anymore. I just need to get out, and have my own place.. so dear husband... when u read this.. pls pls plssss get me and your precious daughter out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It must be 'in the water' or perhaps 'in the air' because I was having a real hard time with our maid for the past few weeks.

    Sometimes what they need is to be managed well is all. If they know that they are being observed with their duties (but in a respectful way, of course) they shape up. And, they do get burned out real quick so if you can alternate their tasks so it's not so redundant, that might help too.

    What bothers me is that they come here to work - not to play - and they are quite poor, so I don't see why they think it's ok to bring men into YOUR home without any type of permission. Would they approve of a stranger in their home? I think not.

  2. lol... I hope you can rectify the problems you're facing soon!

    Its hard to handle this issue. I want to be good to them, want to make them feel like they are home, as I know they are in a strange country. I feel they should be treated as we would like others to treat us.

    The whole problem is, that nowadays they are sending maids to people that have absolutely NO training. I remember the maid that just left for her vacation told me that at the 'maktab' in the Philippines, the training consisted of them being warned against the men here. She was told to cut her hair as her hair would 'arouse' the Man of the house. She was told not to let the man of the house or anyone know when she was showering as they would most probably try to rape her.. lol... so Instead of truly training them, they are filling them up with propaganda against the country they are to live in for the next 2 years- or even longer)

    As for bringing a man into our home, I don't think they (the ones in our home) really have that respect in them. I warned them (the one that was caught has since left our home) though that the next time such a incident occurs, I would be calling in the 'Hay'a' which are the religious police, and that they would probably be given a whipping, jail time, and then deported never to come back to the gulf - (talk about the fear factor)

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