Jul 15, 2008

Mad Mad World!

I was sitting here flipping through my the 107 Issue 2008 of Arabian Woman - They don't put the month on for some odd reason, probably because they have realised it never hits the stands on time- in Riyadh at least.
On Page 84 you find this Black section with a stunning phone displayed on it. Best of Bling it has sprawled across the top of it. This is a small piece on the new Dior 'Luxury' phone. This phone will be released here in July - this month- and sports a sapphire version, with Diamonds and black Sapphire. 640 diamonds to be exact! The cost of this piece of 'luxury'- a ridiculous and mind boggling AED112,000 which is SAR114,193.52. I am telling you, we are living in a MAD MAD WORLD!!!!
At the bottom of the same page.. they have the Christian Louboutin's Cataribbon sandals for One&Onlythey are very spring/summery shoes ... now that is my cup of tea :D If I wasn't so bloody tall, I would be wearing them everywhere :D


  1. If you can get Flickr in Saudi now, I know they ban it sometimes, our link is:


    Lots of pictures of the boys there.

  2. Thanks.. your kids look adorable.. and you and the Mrs are a striking couple masha'allaah.. I will be commenting on the pics a little later after some play time with lulu.... Thanks for sharing the link... Ciao

  3. Well, there are pics of the two older kids as well (like from the wedding) but not as much. They are in that phase of "No pictures please"!! LOL I sneek it in without their knowledge anyway...LOL And I told them that I will put pictures of them when they were younger and they didn't like that idea at all!! LOL

    In regards to the post and the ridiculous price on that phone......well...all I have to say is they know where to advertise for it! LOL


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