Jul 20, 2008

Happy Birthday y'al Ghaliya!

I have done endless 'googling' through out this year (and for 9 months prior) on how I can make my fetus and later my baby as healthy as possible. I googled an array of terms, such as 'feels like butterfly fluttering in my stomach', 'what not to eat when pregnant', 'how to calculate due dates', 'babies development month one, two, three, etc till the ninth.', 'how to know when you are in labour', 'what to expect during labour', 'what to pack for labour', 'baby clothing necessities', 'baby names', and a million other ones that I can't even remember anymore. They were months of wonder, and learning new experiences. I remember the first time I sneezed and hmm... let out a little... hmmm... lol...I googled that as well... lol! I recall experiencing awful heartburn, and positioning 8, yes EIGHT pillows every night just to be able to actually get some rest. I recall those middle of the night washroom dashes to go relieve myself, only to come back totally thirsty and gulp down an entire 1.5 liter bottle of water (and the washroom dash kept going on and on)... I remember my weight go from the low 60's (kg) at the beginning of my pregnancy, and finally reaching 90kg during my last doctors visit prior to giving birth.. lol ... I recall sleepless nights worrying about whether or not I would be a good mom- lol.. this resulted in my calling my own mom; waking her up at the wee ours of the morning in tears often... miskeeena! After giving birth –labour wasn't as bad as I expected it to be… And it was drug free one too... Huraaay for me :D 5 hours of labour... and the funniest thing was my water broke (just a little trickle) while I was shopping. I later found out that the water had been leaking for weeks, and I just didn't notice… my little baby barely had any amniotic fluid in there with her... il7amdlilaaah she survived and came out healthy, and popped her head out and graced our world at the exact time of the Fajr athan here in Riyadh. Present were my mother, my husband, and my aunt- she was scared to see all the nature at play and ran out into the hall till the baby finally came out. I remember wanting my baby next to me... I wanted to hold her... I remember looking at her and seeing her on the heated bed thingy all naked and messy looking... she had a puddle of black stuff around her... and I heard the doctor and nurses all saying... Good Girl... she has passed her first stool and urine and is a perfectly healthy baby. I was in LOVE!!! ya 7abeebti wallah! She was rather quiet, and didn't make much of a fuss at all. She was trying to get used to this weird wide open space around her. lol... I stayed at the hospital for 2 extra nights, and they were nights I needed. I refused to let my baby stay out of my site, and forced them to let her sleep in the room with me. And when they took her for her bath, I went right along with my dear mama right by my side. I had friends and family come visit me, and I got to rest before I went home. I remember the first night at home; my baby would not sleep, and would not feed... I was scared... felt helpless… a failure… and started crying... my husband quickly called my mom and she came to the room and sat with me and helped me with her. My mother was amazing... she knew all the tricks to get my baby to feed and sleep. I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!! A few days later went to my family home in Shargiya to begin my 40 days to recuperate without hubby (I still think it's stupid... my husband should have had to wake up every night with me and learned how to care for my baby along side me! lol) We stayed in Shargiya for about 2 months- 2 LONGGGG months... but they were amazing as I had my mom there to help me every step of the way... Allah ykhaleeeha. I returned to Riyadh in September after my hubby and my Sweet baby went to Bahrain for a few days. It has been an eventful year. I have seen her grow from a tiny little baby to a near toddler! I have seen her utter her first sounds... I have experienced her first laugh… I have seen her sit, I have seen her roll over... crawl… and now try to stand in place. I have witnessed her every movement. She understands things now, she knows when she does something wrong, and is also fully aware of when she does something good, and has a little dance for that. I see her dance when she hears any sort of music… I see her come up next to me when I am praying, and try to copy my movement... (ya7leeeeelhaaa!). I know there will be much more to witness, and I have done nothing more then a quick summary of her achievements in the first year… I pray that Allah allows me to witness many more years of happiness with my little girl…. That I may witness all of the wonderful years she has ahead of her… I love you ya Lujainty… Happy Birthday to you… and a happy first year to me as well!


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