Jul 5, 2008

An American Crime

My brother was pushing me to watch a movie now for 2 days, and this afternoon whilst my baby girl was down for her nap, I had the chance to watch it.I have just finished watching it, the movie had my in a fit of tears (the ones where u need to breath between blowing ur nose), my Kleenex box was well used. The storyline was intense, I was in shock, and could not believe that what I was witnesses truly occur ed to anyone! This was not a war time torture session, but the true story of tortured little girl in a Suburban Indiana town. I am still quite frankly in shock, this movie is a MUST see for all! Synopsis Source: http://www.moviefone.com/movie/american-crime-an/26789/synopsis Based on a true story that gripped the nation in 1965, 'An American Crime' recounts one of the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. The daughters of traveling carnival workers are left for an extended stay at the suburban Indiana home of single mother Gertrude Baniszewski and her seven children. Times are tough, and Gertrude's needs force her to accept this arrangement before understanding how the burden will push her already-fragile nature to a breaking point. What transpires is both riveting and horrific, leaving one child dead and the rest scarred for life. Even though a complete reversal of the type of film you expect from him, it becomes clear immediately that 'An American Crime' is a film Tommy O'Haver was destined to make. With profound skill, he controls the complex narrative, the historic period, and a cast of more than a dozen talented child actors. Casting Catherine Keener as Gertrude was his first brilliant idea. With spellbinding clarity, her Gertrude oozes with squelched sexual desire and shifting levels of insanity and evil. She has the uncanny ability to make you empathize even when she encourages the family and neighborhood children to participate in unthinkable activities. The proof? Even though you know the outcome, in a weak moment, you can actually believe her lies. - You can see the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgZx-cF9cg You Can download the full movie torrent (in english) from here: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1383894


  1. When I saw it, I could not believe it. I am still puzzled and in shock really about what happened to this innocent girl and I saw the movie like a month ago. Yet, every now and then, her story runs through my mind. Extremely sad and unfortunate what they did to her. I will never understand how could any human being hurt another for whatever reason and especially children.......:(

  2. People can just be evil! Devils on earth :(


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