Jul 4, 2008

24/25.... oo yeah!

I finally went to go pick up my 3baya yesterday from the First Choice at Faisaliya... yet I must say I was not WOWED (Where r u Mohammed.. come back and work your wonders once more!!!).. My husband thought it looked nice and fancy... but in my eyes, its missing something... Perhaps in needs to have that design going all the way down to the bottom of the 3baya? or some kind of detail going down the front all the way down? Not sure yet.. but I KNOW something is wrong.... I will probably take it back to get it done the way I want it.. lol (enshallaah!) Afterwards, we walked over to Harvey Nichols as the for sale sign was HUGE and welcoming... AS soon as I entered my body walked over to the baby section.. (I was in a trance-like state.. lol) And saw the most adorable dresses... as My daughters one year birthday is fast approaching, I needed to get her a cute outfit to wear. I settled for this cute white Chloe dress, I wanted shoes as well but for some odd reason these folks DO NOT SELL BABY SHOES!!!
So that being done.. we went down to the first floor section where purses and perfumes and stuff are on display. My husband (as usual) got attacked by the perfume guys. They know him by now, and know he is a PERFUMAHOLIC!!! Its an illness i tell you, but a good smelling one.. lol.
I walked over to the La Mer counter... asked about the product, and was told the guy would be coming after the Asr Prayer enshallah... sooo I was whisked off by the Prairie guy, and he tried to sell me everything.. I resisted... I wasn't going to buy a 1,500SAR face cream without knowing the bottle contained absolute MAGIC!!! So another guy whisks me off the the clinique counter, I haven't used their product in a while... and he asks me what my problem areas are... I told him I am getting older... and I need to get face creams that will give me lots of moisture to keep any wrinkles that are trying to come out at bay.. lol.. then he asks me, ' how old are you?' I was like 'old enough'... then he is like... 24/25? And my eyes lit up and I knew from that moment on I would definitely be buying something from this guy! I was like.. nope.. that was a few years ago.. I am now 29 and hitting old age. I need eye cream for under my eyes, and a face cream. Somehow I walked out with much more then I wanted... but we shall see if my 24/25 years old youth can be kept.. lol
I bought my Baby girl some toys from ELC, and got her these jigsaw play mats... the second I put it on the floor, she started going all over it.. she was excited.. lol.. back and forth, back and forth... it was sooo adorable.. I loved it!!! and I am sure she loved it even more!
Something else happened at the mall, but I will make that its own separate post, as it is something that I have been wanted to write about for a while.


  1. You made me laugh so much! LOL You are 29 and you think you are ancient. Then what am I supposed to say??? LOL I am 37! You are still a baby in my eyes. You wait and see, when you are my age, you will wish you would go back to being 29 again.....and the number will seem sooooooooo youthful too!!

    BTW, the abaya looks nice. I will Insha'Allah need to buy one once I go back to Saudi for Hajj and Omra, Insha'Allah. Of course, going back depends on us getting our marriage validated first. But anyway, here the "Halal" shops/market sell them all the time but definitely NOT the nice ones like back home.........

  2. :D... loool.. u made me laugh as well dear :D 37... still young and kicking I tell ya! I guess its about time I embrace what has been given me.. loool I guess what freaks me out is that I will be 30 soon, and I recall making a phone call to one of my moms cousins (Allah yr7amha she has since passed on).. anyway.. I was perhaps 10-11, and I thought 30 was ANCIENT. I called her and sang happy birthday to her.. and teased her about how 'OLD' she was getting.. looool.. now I guess I should expect a call on my next birthday... as they do say, 'what goes around, comes around'!

    Don't remind me about the awful 3bayas they used to sell in Toronto. I didn't wear 3baya... as I am truthfully not a mit7ajeba atm. Anyway, I used to see these 3bayas my grandma would not wear being sold for over $150!!! I think they used to go to the areas like Bat7a in Riyadh, but a 3baya for 40SAR, and then send them off and sell them for that amount of money! Wai3!

    You are still waiting for permission to get married? How long have u been waiting for? I was under the impression that they have now made it easier for Saudi Women to marry non-saudis... But I guess that isn't the case! I have my own little story (2 of them actually) to share with u another time. But I pray that that the ministry signs the needed papers and u and your husband can be in wedded bliss where you are fully accepted by your own country!!!

    lol.. As always, I have truly enjoyed your comments!

  3. Haha! I am sorry but I had laugh at the Saudi Gov't giving permission EASILY for Saudis to marry non-Saudis! LOL I think it is easy for MEN but definitely NOT women, unfortunately........

    We have been waiting for it for a year going on the second.....LOL! Although, before actually filing for it through the lengty process, we did try to get help from ANYONE who would be willing to help to speed the process (you know, "the wasta" thing in Saudi) Because we were told by several ppl that if we don't do it through a "wasta" it will take us years and years to get the darn permission. But sadly, no one wanted to help period! And now, we are simply waiting.....hopefully we will get it before we grow old and die! LOL

    You know, had my dad, bless his soul, been alive, I think maybe we would have had a much better chance at getting it. Again, this is the "wasta" thing in Saudi. But since my dad passed away (in '99), it has been hard to get anyone really to help us in anything period!

    The whole thing is ridiculous if you ask me. Why permission from the get-go??? I don't think that under Islamic law/shari'a, God said that we needed "permission" from a Government to get our marriage approved?? Lakin, what can I say or do??? :( Allah mawjood wa Allah kareem!

  4. I pray things go well for u hon! Allah yr7am abooch...oo be patient... soon enough the magic papers will be done. I will tell my story in a post enshallah... kinda confusing, but has to do with all this permission crap. Will get it down as soon as I can coherently write a msg without feeling light headed.. lol

  5. Lovely abaya! I'm just getting ready to have some made here (wish me luck in the heat of the day!!). By the way - I linked to you through 'climbing walls' blog.


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