Jun 26, 2008

I miss you daddy...

I miss you so much daddy! I try to keep myself sane on memories of the past, when you were there for me, and your smile would give me energy to go on... I haven;t been the best daughter in the past.... yet I wish you could hold me now, and let me know everything will be OK. I wish you could stand guard for me, and keep all those that want to hurt be at bay. I need your wise words to remind me that hopefully one day soon my days would become full of joy. I have cried myself to sleep one too many night, I have left all this pain deep within me. I try to show a photo of complete perfection for those on the outside, but I am crumbling within. People comment on how happy I am, and how they wish they could be the same... the sad reality is, i crave what they have. I want to be able to let all that's in me out. but I can't. I must keep the walls up, I must keep this facade I have built around me. I can't wait to have my daddy back. I simply miss being your little girl. I miss counting on you when things aren't going well. I miss being able to pick up the phone and call you simple because I feel the need to hear your voice. I love you father. i will always love you... whether you are within reach or not!

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