Jun 26, 2008

I Fear Me!

Why must I be a super woman... why must everything be on my head? Fall on my shoulders?? I am tired... I am exhausted... I can't keep up this facade much longer... I need help... pls listen to me before it is too late. I have been ill for several days... bronchitis again... I have no help with my daughter.. her father chooses to play with her for a second then put her back in my care. What happened to the role of being a father... my father assisted my mom with us kids... he played with us, spent time with us... showed he actually loved us. What happened to the men of my generation? Please don't say they are overloaded with work, for my fathers generation suffered all the hardship and made life for this generation much easier. At time I don't think I can handle it anymore... maybe it would have been better to simply go to a sperm donor and then take care of MY child on MY own! I am nearing a breaking point... I truly am... I need to see some light at the end of this tunnel... to ensure me things will get better someday. Signing out... Truly Lost in Riyadh :(

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