May 11, 2008

A Mother... I have become...

I sit here watching my precious daughter taking her nap. I know that I will be her provider till it is time to pass on the torch and allow her to feel this growth of love within her.

Today is Mothers Day...
and I can't help but reminisce all the wonderful times I had with my dear mother. She was my rock, she truly was. She made my life make sense, when I thought nothing ever mattered. She made me smile, when I had tears trickling down my cheeks. She made me think, when I was a teenager and wanted to just life carefree. She never judged me. She made me feel beautiful. She made me important. It makes me sit in awe, how she was able to devote so much time to me, when she had 5 children to care for. She would nurture me when I was sick, be by my side when I was sad, and was there when I was happy. She was an ear for me to unload on whenever I needed to just talk. Of course there were times when I thought I hated her... but I was young, and hated anyone that said NO to me. Little did I know, that those many No's were indeed my mother showing me her true love. She made me travel the world, so that one day I could use what I have learnt. Those lessons were well worth it, as I have an insight on things many around me do not, and probably will never have.

I recall my pregnancy, when i heard my DD for the first time, I cried, tears of joy, happiness, and what was to come. I cried for my past, for what my mother went through for me. That day I found a new grown love for my mother. I loved her before, but this was something new. I only pray that I can be half as good a mother as my mother was... I pray that my DD will look back on her childhood and have as many fond memories as I had. This is the beginning for me and my DD, and I pray that Allah helps me make wonderful memories for her to cherish, wonderful memories that she may one day bestow upon her own children.
I love you Mother... I love you Daughter!

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