May 4, 2008

I Miss.... ME!

I sit here on my trusty couch, with a Hot chocolate by my side. The air from the air condition vent is blowing lightly on me, helping me with the heat in this desert city. My daughter plays with her toys at my feet, my TV is tuned to my daily digs, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window in the garden. This is what my usual day consists of. My daughter is now trying to climb my leg, so I take some time away from my laptop and give her the attention she wants. Soon she gets tired of my arms and wishes to explore some more, so I set her down. Allowing me to come back and attempt to put my thoughts to paper or shall i say Keyboard? I love my husband, really! I just am not so happy in this life in this desert. I have made a few friends, but everyone is busy with their own lives, my husband is busy with work, and I am busy with hmmmm... I nearly said nothing, but that would be wrong, as I am busy with my lovely baby. She needs me, she needs me to remain sane. She needs me to help her into toddlerdom. I think my ramblings are no longer making any sense. I shall come back when I truly have something, anything to jot down! I miss myself, I truly do!

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