May 6, 2008

A Fresh Breath of DUST:)

After a long day of really doing nothing... Didn't even have to cook, as my hubby brought home food from the diet center.. we got ourselves ready... got DD ready... and went to Prince Sultan University to go for a walk. I was happy, as it isn't every day my hubby agrees to going :D I still have a few pounds of post baby weight to lose.. and I must say, I thought it would have taken me 3 months TOPS... and now its 9 months and 2 weeks and counting! Is there any hope for me? lol I plan on travelling to the UAE in the next week to 10 days for a couple of weeks enshallah. I need to change this taste in my mouth... and get a bit of fun back into my life! I would love to go skiing, and shall see if that will work out. I also need my DD to see somewhere new! Since i have had her, we have merely traveled to Shargiya and Bahrain! This Summer I plan to travel off this continent with her, and that will be sure to bring some interesting blogging and pictures, as my love of Picture taking has been put on hold here in Riyadh! Every time I take out my Canon 400D EOS... I see people giving me the look! The look of how dare u take a picture of my woman!.. lol.. For Gods sake... even if I were to take a picture, no one could really tell who they really are! Anyway, I plan on taking some natureful pics as soon as I am off the plane :D Alright, I have no clue how my ramblings went to Photo taking, but that is me... my brain thinks of a million things at one time! Since I am on the whole photo talk, I am looking for a photography class here in Riyadh, so if by any chance, anyone so happens to stumble onto this blog, and actually reads it (wishful thinking I tell you:D)... please lemme know if there is anything available... Thanks in advance.. lol

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