Oct 22, 2008


I will post as is.. I didn't make any additions.. as I have been busy at times.. and at other times... honestly was not even up to blogging about anything... anyway.. I will post as I left it the last time I was working on the list.. So my list is not complete and is farrr from ready- I will try to finish it slowly... and add the restaurants I remember).
I will leave you with a website that will give you all the information needed for many restaurant in Riyadh. They include price range, pics, and more.
(the site is new... and they are adding new restaurants all the time)
Sorry for taking So long to post this....
In my 4 years here, I have gone to many restaurants. If you ask my husband he will tell you that i am bloody picky, and need to make sure they are clean. I have been known to walk out of a restaurant AFTER being seated after I have noticed the place was not to my liking! Here are the the restaurants I have grown to love in this city is: Middle Eastern Foods- Burj el Hamam - Lebanese Restaurant. I love this place... but its more of a take out place.. I don't believe they have a family section... the prices are reasonable. Baalbak- Lebanese This place has some nice tasty foods... but I am not very fond of their family sitting area.. its a little too dark for my liking... Al-Reef al Lebnani Lovely food.. Lovely atmosphere.. The prices are average AbdulWahab- Lebanese I have yet to go to the actual restaurant.. but the food is Delicious.. and I find they have one of the best (and more expensive) shawarmas here in Riyadh. Mareez I have only ever had take out from here.. and it is quite cheap. Bohsali- Lebanese I am in love with their Cocktail Drink... but the food is OK. The nice thing about this place- for families that want complete privacy- is that you are seated in your own room (with door). Cafeblanc- Lebanese The Atmosphere is pretty nice... (it looks kind of like caves inside).. and the food is OK as well.. not expensive. G-Farah I have only ever eaten sandwiches from them.. and it was take-away. It tasted great.. but Ohhhh so fattening.. lol Shiraz- Iranian Nice food, and Nice atmosphere, Good prices Najd Village- Saudi The atmosphere is wonderful... it takes you back to the old days.. you are seated in traditional seating.. and the food is great! Prices are very reasonable International Cuisine 11-A Rosewood (al faisaliya) Al-Khozama The Grill Roma (Italian) La Campagna Mirage (Chinese) Golden Palace (Chinese) SteakHouse Tony Romas Applebees Chilis Duo Avadh Copper Chende Waterlemon Crepaway Fuddruckers Living Colors Three Amigos the Pizza Company- Not a fan @ all! Pizza Hut
Pizza Amore (Not bad at all!) Mega Wraps Sweets Halab Saadadin Diplomat Kabani Thawag A Lovely chocolate place in Centria Mall (I will add the name, the next time i pass by)
Coffee Shops

Second Cup

Dr Cafe



Oct 18, 2008

Tagged: When in the Masjid

I was tagged a while back by Stranger In This Dunya, and well here are my 3 topics:
1. I have found that there are many people that come to the masjid not exactly looking or smelling their best. I have on more then one occasion been forced to relocate to a new spot due terribly offensive smells. In Islam we are taught about cleanliness. I just wish people would actually follow the teachings of our Prophet (PBUH).
  • Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "Who ever eats garlic, onion, then keeps away from our Masjid because the angels get offended from what offends the children of Adam." Imam Muslim reported that Omar (R.A.) used to say while he on the Minbar: "I saw the prophet (S.A.W.) when he found their smell (garlic, onion) from a man in the Masjid, he ordered him to be taken out." then Omar said: "If you must eat them, then cook them well.." 
2. Another thing that bothers me, is when people walk infront of you while youa re praying. I have been taught from a very young age, NEVER to walk infront of a praying person, yet you see people doing that with no regard to the person who is praying:
  • The Muslim should not pass in front of the praying Muslim. Imams Bukhari, Muslim and others reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "If the passer in front of the praying person knew how much sin he committed, it would have been better for him to wait for forty than to pass in front of him."
3. People not keeping not touching feet to feet. I was taught that when you are praying as part of a group, that you should keep your feet at shoulders length and have your foot touch the person next to you. I remember many times that people have followed this il7amdilaah... but I have also witnessed many people moving their feet away and leaving spaces between one another (at times spaces so wide a person could easily fit between them)
  • Al-Haafidh (Ibn Hajr) ascribed this wording to Sa'eed ibn Mansoor and al-Ismaa'eelee. Al-Bukhaaree gave a chapter heading for this Hadith by saying: Chapter: 'Adjoining the shoulder with the shoulder and the foot with the foot in the row (for prayer).' As for the Hadith of an-Nu'maan (ibn Basheer) then it is as follows: The Hadith of an-Nu'maan ibn Basheer. [The Prophet (SAAS) said:] "Straighten your rows (he said it three times), by Allaah either you straighten your rows or Allaah will cause conflict between your hearts."

What I am grateful for..

I am grateful to Many people...
I am grateful that Allah has blessed me with a wonderful Jewel of a daughter. "She is my sunshine, my only sunshine, she makes me happy, when the skies are grey.. she'll never know dear, how much I love her... Please don't take my sunshine away...." I love watching her grow, I love the little way she giggles, the little smile that curls up on her face when she looks up at me. The way she copies whatever I do, and tries to mimic an entire sentence I had just finished. I love how jolly she is around other, and how she puts a smile on the face of anyone that see's her. SHe is my Gift from Allah :)
I am grateful for the wonderful husband I have. We all have our flaws, but he is a great man. A loving husband, a loving father, and is always sure to try to make us as happy as possible. The song I dedicate to him is; 
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope I'll be your love Be everything that you need. I'll love you more with every breath Truly madly deeply do..
Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden
I am grateful for the most wonderful mother in the world. Our relationship is far more then a mother-daughter relationship. She is my best-friend. She is the first person I want to talk to when anything happens to me (good or bad). SHe has sacrifices so much of her life for us (my siblings) and has gone through hell and back to stand by us at all times. Our relationship wasn't always like this, but for the last 7 years our relationship has only gotten stronger. It has become even stronger after I got pregnant, and had my little Princess. I love you Mommy!
I am grateful to have my Super Dad as my Father: Although he has not always been there, he has always wanted the best for me, he has wanted my happiness, even when it wasn't the decision he would make. He has taught me to be outspoken, taught me not to take any ill treatment from anyone, and has taught me to stand up tall and speak my mind whether or not it was what the majorities wanted to hear. I love you Daddy!
I am grateful to my siblings. We are a unit. We stick together through thick and thin. We may have our issues, but once an outsider tries to come between us, we always remember that Blood is thicker then water. We have our laughs, we have our tearful moments. We have our fights, and we have our shouting matches, but at the end of the day, no matter how far apart we are, we are always there for each other, and love each other more then anyone can imagine!
There are many more people I am grateful to have in my life that truly make me feel complete, but if I sit there listing everyone, I just may continue writing for ever. Allah has blessed me, I, at times forget the good, and dwell on the bad. (Thus the Rants). I have dreams of a bright future, a future that will do good for my Family, my friends, myself, and the Children of Adam as a whole.
Oct 10, 2008

Fire! Smoke!

Ok.. I know i am behind in my blogging! I need to finish my 'why the hatred' entry... and I need to write a post for the my very first tag  When in the Masjid by Strangerinthisdunya :D... 
Can u imagine how awful I was in University? I was the queen of procrastination! Did it all last minute.. lol.. bes il7amdlilaaaaah I passed :D
Anyway since the title of this post is fire,.. and I have already made it clear that I am a procrastinator.. I might as well let u in on a tiny little secret... I FORGET things... its not like I forget the important things... I tend to forget little things.. its weird I know.. sometimes I will need to go back and make sure I turned off the stove (even after I already turned it off) as I have forgotten whether or not I checked already! This is not something old.. its rather new.. I mean PL (Pre-Lujain) I wasn't like this.. I remembered the smallest detail! Anyway... back to the Fire/Smoke... I was making some sweets earlier today.. and I made syrup (sugar, water, vanilla and a dash of lemon)... when I went to the kitchen (the upstairs one) I noticed it on the stove and saw that it was watery... So i turned on the stove, and was like.. OK a few minutes and it shall be done... anyway.. I went off to my room, got pre-occupied with my baby girl... and got a knock on the door by one of the maids... I opened it.. and that is when I smelt it... and I kinda saw it.. as the place was full of smoke (and this is not a small villa.. its rather huge)... my father-in-law was standing there in the sitting area in front of the kitchen and was like.. you forgot something on the stove... what happened? I of course was in utter shock... was totally embarrassed.. I didn't want my father-in-law thinking I was an incompetent little fool (he just returned yesterday after 3 months vacationing).. a great welcome back....
Never-the-less got the maids to clean up the mess.. (you could see them smirking to themselves... happy that 'madame' had made a big mistake and gotten caught by 'baba').. sprayed the place like crazy... opened the window.. turned on the vent.. and returned back to my room kicking myself in the ars every step of the way!
Now I am officially the forgetful daughter-in-law that burns things.. :D See dear hubby.. if we had our own place... behind closed doors away from watchful eyes....I wouldn't be put in this predicament!
Btw.. I kinda hinted to my FIL that a smoke detecter would have totally made things better... e7m e7m!
Oct 7, 2008

Why the hatred?... Cont...

My stupid self has lost the first part of this entry... so sorry... its gone.. poof... goodbye :(

Been quite a long time... but I am here to finish what I started... (it won't be too long, just taking it to the point enshallah, as I don't know how much time I will truly have to actually finish this post :) This is also my second try at finishing this post, and I will be sure to press the Save Now button every few seconds.. lol

I would like to jump right into the 'Wahabi' factor. I have found many people throw this term around a lot without truly knowing what it means. I have heard it in the media, I have heard it in blogs, I have heard people using it negatively. But let us look at him from the Islamic perspective. 'Wahabi' is not a sect. It is not a new form of the Islamic religion that Saudis and Pro Saudis follow. the term 'Wahabi' comes from Mohammed Ibn AbdulWahab. He was a good man that brought Islam back to this region. Before he revived Islam, people had started to deviate from Islam, There were Idols throughout the region, Although people were Muslim, they had forgotten what the essence of Islam was. Mohammed Ibn AbdulWahab, revived Islam back to how our Prophet PBUH had taught us it should be. He did not add any new elements, but simply brought Islam back to the people of this region.  

Another term I here being thrown around a lot os that of the 'Salaf'. Again people make it seem like 'Salaf' is a new sect in Islam. Again it is not! It is merely those that adhere to what was taught to us by the Prophet PBUH and the Caliphate. it is following Islam as it is meant to be without adding any deviations, taking away beliefs, and in a nutshell practicing Islam in its purest form. Many may say that after 1400 years its time to make changes. But that is the beauty of Islam, the teachings from centuries ago, are still applicable to todays world. And for that reason we have seen a rise in people who Convert (or revert) to Islam, as they find the missing links when they truly learn. Questions are asked, the answer is in Islam... 

Il7amdlilah, I was born a Muslim, but I also chose to remain Muslim. I was amongst people of many different faiths, from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhist, and even those that have chosen not to believe and have claimed Atheism as their belief. The above comments were my own, and as a human being I can easily make mistakes, and am willing to learn whenever possible.

I have done some quick searches for links that will go into further details on Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab, and what a Salafi is:

Size 8? Would you like a size 10 as well?

I hate shopping. I truly hate shopping. I hate looking for the right size! I want to wear size 8! (I wore size 6 pre-baby. So asking for a size 8 shouldn't be too bad!I am sick of buying endless size 8's, only to bring them home, and see that they barely pass my thunder thighs, and have a very very hard time zipping up (even after I lie down and suck in and try my darn hardest to make them fit!) I heard about a pair of jeans that have some weird sizes... they are really size 12's but have the size 8 on it (aaaahhh... its the number that counts... ermmm... right?!) [I can't bother googling it right about now] SO down with those annoying looks of are you sure u can fit in a size 8? Darn it... I am the customer and the customer is always right.. so if I say I am an 8, you better bring me a size 8! It might not fit, I might struggle to make it fit... I might even lie to u in the end and tell u that they fit perfectly, but are a tad bit short.. (lol)...  anyhoo.. enough with that little rant!
I'm out :)
Sep 28, 2008

Procrastination Sucks!

I was supposed to get my hair done, get some waxing and threading done, and my mani and pedi! Last night as I was ready to go, my friend calls me and asks if I can pls come over... I said sure, but I can't stay for too long. I stayed for more then 5 hours! Got home at about 4am! So its safe to say that NO I didn't get my things done. I was all cool, as I was sure I could get it done tonight. I just got off with the Salon, and they have sadly informed me that as there is a huge crowd, there is NO walk-in, and there are no more appointments available all night! So yes I am screwed... Procrastination truly sucks BIG TIME!

Leopard Print Band-Aid :D

There is officially 2 days left till Eid. All Workers have most likely begun their Eid Holidays. The malls are bustling, the firecrackers are few (THANK GOD!!!), and the streets are crowded with teenagers looking for a good time. In the malls run the familes that are trying to get their last minute shopping done. (think of it as the rush at the mall the day before christmas.. now add 10 kids per family.. lol)! I need to go buy a baby gift for one of my friends, meaning I need to make my way to Mamlaka to go to Tiffany's where I tend to buy all the baby gifts I need to give (I think I should buy some extra gifts, as I am sure I will have to give 2 more gifts before October is over).
My baby girl hurt herself a few weeks ago (a door slammed OPEN on her big toe, and the nail was nearly completely ripped off (YES MAJOR OUCH!!!) I have been trying to keep it short by cutting it on a daily basis, and then putting some antibiotic cream on it, then wrap a band-aid around it! The problem was my baby girl kept removing the band-aid! So my brilliant self remembered I had some leopard scotch tape. I put the band-aid on, and then put a piece of the tape on top of it. My baby girl LOVED IT! its her new fashion accessory! (yes i know there are band-aids made for kids available ABROAD... but I have yet to find it here... so I have ordered many different kinds through Amazon :)
Anyway.. I will leave u with a pic of my baby girl and her little toe.. lol
Sep 25, 2008

Losing my Religion?

Ok... Perhaps I am not losing my religion, but I have definitely put a LONG hold on furthering my religious aspirations! One may ask how that is. Well, I was sitting here watching Salatul Qiyam on TV, and it hit me- I HAVE NEVER READ THE ENTIRE QURAN!!! I have read parts of it, but have NEVER READ THe QURAN FROM COVER TO COVER! I am nearing 30, and this is truly a disturbing revelation to me! How did I let myself get like this? Another thing that hit me was that the last time I actually memorized anything from the Quran was well over 15 years ago! All those years, I have been busy with my life, doing my thing, and I did not stop to memorize one verse of the Quran! I feel truly saddened... Allah yahdeeni! Now I ask myself, why I let myself becoming like this? Why have I opted to give such little time to Allah and his words? 
I am hoping and praying that the self realization of this sad state I am in, is one step closer to changing it. May Allah make it easier for me to give time to read and soak in his words. I love my religion, I truly love Allah, and I don't want to lose my religion!
PS- Last night was sad, as many people know it was Saudi National Day, and my husband was telling me that on his way home, there were all these teenage boys in the streets putting on loud music and dancing in the streets. One may say... thats fine.. they are showing they are nationalistic.... but the sad reality was, while they were partying in streets, they missed the Qiyam prayers, and obviously had their music playing while the versus of the Quran were heard throughout the city of Riyadh.... We need serious help...  Allah yahdeena!
Sep 24, 2008

So you think you can dance!

Hey there folks...
Once again I have been away for a while. I can't even say I have been busy! My days consist of waking up, feeding, changing, and playing with my little princess. Then it's off to the kitchen to start preparing the Futoor. In our home we tend to make finger foods to break our fast with. Samboosa varieties, Fatayer varieties, Different types of sweets, custard (although this year I only made it once while back here in Riyadh!), then later on we will have our meal after Isha prayers, and finish our eating spree with a glass of laban and some dates as our su7oor. Pretty simple, nothing too fussy, and just enough to keep us going for the day! oh and I can't forget to mention my cup of tea :D
My daughter is truly growing up, she is doing cute new things on a daily basis. About 3 weeks ago I noticed my little princess walking around with an old mobile close to her ear babbling on and on... and she would start laughing and continue walking! I was in stitches!  my baby was mimicking me! That's how I talk on the phone... I don't like to sit down, I like to walk around while talking.. lets call it phone aerobics!!   Then she started coming to me when I am on the phone and taking it and talking to the person on the phone (usually my mother.. lol) It was bloody hilarious!!! She still loves to dance, if she hears even the slightest beat of music, she is up on her feet moving her little tush! Watch out 'So you think you can dance' I have a little contestant ready to try out :D
On a different note, It is now the last 10 days of Ramadhan, time sure flies... I am sadly unable to pray :( (I seriously need to go to a doctor... my second time this month and I have only fasted 2 weeks !!!combined!!! this ramadhan! So it's keeping me from joining the prayers. *sigh*
Anyway, I have put in a quick post... now I need to run back to the kitchen before the food burns.. lol
I will try to be back again soon... but enshallah I will be back full time After Eid. My mother is very ill, and I will be visiting her enshallah... (pls add her to your prayers)
Thanks all, and pls have a blessed month!
Sep 13, 2008

Back to Riyadh

I finally got back to Riyadh yesterday... I am sorrrry for being away for so long, without any notice! It will take me a few days to get back to my routine... so I shall be back and posting as soon as that is all done... oooo and Mabroook 3laikum el shaher... I pray that your Ramadhan is going smoothly... the prayers, good food, even better sweets... yummilicious!
Take care... and thanks for passing by!

A breath of fresh air....

I have always found that something comes upon me as soon as I leave Saudi. Whether it is crossing the border into neighbouring Bahrain. Or on an airplane leaving the country. I get this feeling of freedom. This feeling that I can truly be myself, and not worry about others looking, staring, and judging me for things that are first nature to me.
Don't get me wrong, I actually like living in Riyadh - lol.. yup I finally admitted it!. But I still can't help but feel this weight off my shoulders as soon as I leave the Kingdom. I remember 2 years ago while I was in Toronto. I was walking downtown with my younger brother, and I just sat there in awe. I was able to walk around, not worry about anybody judging me. Taking pictures of anything my heart desired! I kept telling my brother I was feeling amazing. He just looked at me like I was someone that was recently released from prison and finally getting their first breath of freedom. My friends to this day cannot believe that I am living in a country where I can not drive, where I really can't do anything I want to. I used to be the fun one, the one that truly loved to laugh, and enjoyed life to the fullest. My friends have said to me countless times that I am no longer that same carefree girl that left them 4 years ago. I have changed, maybe its for the better, maybe it isn't. I just miss having my social life. Here in Riyadh, I really don't. I go out with my husbands bestfriends wives. And as one can imagine, I can't be myself. I have to act 'Saudi'. I remember once I was sitting amongst many girls, and we were just talking about different subjects. Later on one of my husbands friends wife came to me and was like, 'dear, you should never talk about that subject.' I was kind of confused, as they were all talking about it, and I had just put in my two cents. So from there I have learnt to keep my mouth shut, and simply suck in whatever I want to say, and say whatever others want me to say (for the sake of my husband)... anyway, as one can imagine, I have chosen to stay away from most of the people i met, and keep to myself. I miss my old friends. I miss my old me. Sometimes I lash out at my husband and tell him that I have changed soo much for him, I have become a boring old lady.
I can just see my future; I will have my daughter telling me how un-cool I am.. lol
I have added some pictures of Toronto! I miss it so!!!!
(I have more pictures to add, but I am having a very hard time adding them... so I will leave them for another time enshallah...)
Aug 18, 2008

Some Ramblings....

I have always missed my childhood. Nostalgic memories that always take me back to the past. I miss being the one that was taken care of. The one that needn't worry about what tomorrow would bring. I miss my carefree days, where the most important thing was to wake up early on a Saturday morning, and watch all my morning cartoons. I miss being pampered by my mother. I remember looking up at her as a little girl, and wondering when I would ever grow up like her. I remember seeing her reach the top cabinets and get me whatever i wanted. Mind you my mother is 5'4" and I have outgrown her to a towering 5'9". I miss our weekends at the British club in AD, munching on our club sandwiches and fries, topped off with a nice cooling ice-cream. I miss our days rollerskating (not blading) down the Corniche in our matching skates, eating our roasted nuts. I miss our trips to the guest house in RAK, I miss it all... I was searching online, and found one of my favourite childhood tales: Snow White and Rose Red... I am trying to find the DVD.. here I will leave you with a link to the story http://www.familymanagement.com/literacy/grimms/grimms122.html On other areas of life, i am trying to get ready for Ramadhan enshallah... I need to get the samboosa's done... (I like to make them early- as my hubby loves my spicy recipe :) , and pack them up in the freezer, so that I can pop them into the oven before maghreb everyday).. I will be traveling for a week or two, so far I am sure that a few days will be spent with my family, a few days will be spent in Bahrain and the rest... I am not so sure.. it will be a surprise... its our anniversary... and hubby wants to surprise me enshallah :) I will sign off now.. I am sorry for not posting lately.... as I have been busy in my own little la-la land... I will try my best to post soon enshallah...
Aug 10, 2008

8 Marriage Ruts: Are You In One?

Thought I would share this article... I haven't been up to blogging these days... so i thought I would just share this one... take care. 8 Marriage Ruts: Are You In One? Whether you've been married for three months or three years, here's how to get out of routines that hurt your relationship. By The Nest Editors Rut #1: Watching TV During Dinner Why it's bad: Having dinner together offers valuable face time with your partner. Turning on the tube competes for attention and cuts in on your time to catch up and connect after so many hours spent apart. How to stop: Set aside 30 to 45 minutes of one-on-one talk time with the TV off every night. This shows your spouse that when you're not at work, you're devoted to your home and family. During this time, ignore your phone and leave the BlackBerry in another room. You'll feel closer within days. Rut #2: Going Too Long Without Sex Why it's bad: If the amount of sex you're used to having starts to slide, your body and brain can get used to the decreased intimacy, causing you to go even longer without wanting that closeness. How to stop: Don't wait until you feel like doing it. Initiate sex when you're open to doing it, rather than when you have the desire. This will jump-start your feelings so you'll crave it more often. Rut #3: Going a Whole Workday Without Talking to Your Sweetheart Why it's bad: You'll start growing apart emotionally after subconsciously feeling like the other person doesn't think about you (and your needs) during the day. How to stop: Initiate daily contact by sending a quick "How's your day?" email. And make the effort to do something nice every day (pick up his fave dessert, call from the store to see if she needs something). It shows forethought and consideration for your partner's needs. Rut #4: Tuning Each Other Out Why it's bad: You're disengaging from each other. How to stop: Make an effort to do small things such as kissing before saying good-bye, making eye contact when talking, and complimenting each other frequently throughout the week. Does he not seem to hear you talking during certain times (ahem, when ESPN is on)? Don't try to make conversation while the TV is on. If it's important, press mute; otherwise, save conversations for dinner or your bedroom, where you're less likely to be interrupted. Rut #5: Not Fighting Why it's bad: Disagreements are good in a marriage because you're expressing your individuality. Talking about issues when they first happen makes them easier to fix than if you wait until after they've festered. How to stop: Bring up what's on your mind in a way that shows your admiration and respect for each other's thoughts and feelings. Like, "It hurts my feelings when ______. I was hoping we could figure out a new way to handle the situation together." This will set the tone of the conversation as loving and calm, but you both have to compromise to keep it that way. Rut #6: Going out More with Friends Than with Your Spouse Why it's bad: It sends the message that your friends are more worthy of your time. How to stop: Schedule nights out with your crew a few times a month, but make sure to let your partner know in advance. It's important to have these friendships as long as they don't make your married time sparse. And it's always best that these friends are people your partner knows and trusts, so there's less reason to worry. Rut #7: Being Too Close Why it's bad: As much as you think burping, scratching, picking, or farting is funny or cute, it can backfire and cross the line. It may be a reflection of your closeness, but there should be a limit. Otherwise, you're leaving your partner with a very unsexy image of you. How to stop: Start a new rule. If you wouldn't do it in front of your work friends, don't do it in front of your honey. To get your mate to refrain, say: "I know we're close, and we can share everything, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave the room, or leave me out, when you do that. It's not very sexy, and I don't want anything that makes you less sexy to me." Rut #8: Sharing Too Much with Your Parents or In-laws Why it's bad: This shows a lack of loyalty to your spouse. Your parents shouldn't have any information that your spouse doesn't have. And they shouldn't know anything he wouldn't want them to know. How to stop: Be loyal to your spouse even when she's not present. If you wouldn't say something in front of her, don't say it at all. You would want the same in return. [Nestpert] Dr. Susan Fletcher is a licensed psychologist in private practice and the author of Parenting in the Smart Zone
Aug 4, 2008

5 Places I want to Visit...

I am truly in the travelling mood... so perhaps if I put the places I would love to visit on my blog, it can give some kind of hint to my dear hubby.. :) I have tons of places I would love to go visit... but I will make my list short and simple... in a few weeks I will probably have a new list of places I would like to visit... :)
So here it goes... I will list 5 places I would like to go to (That I have never been to before)
1) Marbella (Spain)
2) Mauritius
3) Austria
4) Queensland (The Golden Coast)
5) Hawaii
Where would you like to go, if you could be anywhere in the world?
Aug 2, 2008

Reflection time...

As Ramadhan quickly appraoches, I know many things will be changing. We will be sleeping through the day, and bustling through the night. It will be a month when all evil is set away, and a time when prayers and self refection will occur. We shall pray to Allah SWT, and pray for our loved ones. We shall pray for world peace, and pray for good in all arena's of life.
If you are in the middle east, it will probably be a time when you're days will be filled with watching Special Ramadhan Soap Operas, comedy flicks, and just plain jargon. I remember how weird it felt my first Ramadhan here after getting married. I would have figured that people would break their fast, and then get ready to pray Tarawee7. What I saw was different. Families would break their fast with WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!, and then move on to tea, coffee, and sweats and plant themselves in front of the television. They would watch Khaleeji, Egyption, or Shami musalsals. There was no time for reflection, as people were busy and glued to their television. 4 years later, I find myself on that very same schedule. I don't think I can handle anymore of those VIMTO commercials!!!!! It's truly sad, when we have the chance to truly pray to our creator, and instead we chose to sit in front of the television instead of opening ones Quran, and reading the versus, instead of going to tarawee7 or qiyam (last ten days) prayers... I find we had more religion in Toronto...
This year, I want to try something different, I will not make any promises, but I will try to cut down on my TV time, and increase my Quran time. I want to try to make it to as many Tarawee7 prayers as possible, and if it is not possible for me, that I perform those prayers at home. I want to reflect upon myself, my life, my surroundings. I want my baby girl to feel the true essence of Ramadhan.
And since i am on my changes.. I would like to add a few more...
1) I want to seriously cut down on my soda habit! I drink Diet crap... Pepsi Max is my main drink, but I seriously need to stop it. I have started drinking one daily! and its a sick habit. I stopped drinking all sodas for 2-3 years prior to coming to Saudi, and was quite healthy... not this once a day habit is getting the best of me... Soooo.. hopefully I will be able to say Good-bye to the Soda habit!
Healthy Weight Loss (© Photographer: Sandra Gligorijevic Agency: Dreamstime.com
2) I want to eat healthier foods, I always have fruits around me, but I must admit that I no longer eat it like I should, I might eat one apple every few days.. and its not good for me. I want to add more veggies to my diet (and I actually love veggies!) ...I need to also remember to take my vitamins and try to do some sort of detox to get rid of the destruction caused by my bad Pepsi Max habit!
3) I need to start working out, even if I can't hit the gym, I want to do something, maybe its about time I finally fix the gym at home, and get some new equipment brought in!
4) I want to focus more on my daughter eating habits. I want to start planning out her meals a week in advance, and want it to have all the food groups she needs to grow up as a healthy little baby girl enshallah.
5) I need to give myself a little more me time, I need to get to the spa, get mani's and pedis' more... a facial is definitely needed, and all over pampering myself, even if its once every 2 weeks.
6) I need to start researching on Masters programs that I can do from Saudi Arabia. I feel the need to pursue my higher education, and will have to work on actually getting there...
I know there are more... but I will stop for now.. ad my brain can't think of anymore.
K... I am done...
Ciao 4 now!
Jul 28, 2008


I apologise for not writing any posts in quite sometime. I promised myself that I would not allow this blog (the third attempt in 4 years) to go to waste and be sent to its grave! So here I am... In the last week, I have been busy with getting my daughters 1st birthday party ready. Needed to get the decoration sin tact. Can you believe the party place wanted to charge me 1,000 SAR to decorate the place for the birthday party! I of course said HELL NO. Bought to supplies, and decorated the place myself... blew up the balloons myself, and did some arts and crafts and made some fun looking banners- my husband was making fun of me, saying i looked like some child in KG! I didn't care, I kept on doing it, and the party was a blast. We didn't have many people. We had my husbands uncle, his wife and their 6 kids. My husbands sister and her kids. And that pretty much kept us busy! We served some traditional Arabic goodies.. yummy. The chips and chocolate were also in place.. and the cake (A large cake with her picture on it) was the the cherry on top! My baby girl danced (or bounced)... played the piano for her guests, and was joined by her cousin playing a duet :D I love being a mommy... next year I have better plans for the big day... hmmmm... this shall be fun! I realised one of my sunglasses have been stolen, and I am very sad. Not only is the price of it killing me, but the fact that it was most probably stolen by a person I actually trusted... arghhhh.... we shall see how things play out in that arena. All in All I am happy, and pray that my family is blessed with this happiness. Tomorrow is a big day for my father, so if everyone that reads this can add him to ur prayers, I would truly appreciate it. I love you baba!
Jul 20, 2008

Happy Birthday y'al Ghaliya!

I have done endless 'googling' through out this year (and for 9 months prior) on how I can make my fetus and later my baby as healthy as possible. I googled an array of terms, such as 'feels like butterfly fluttering in my stomach', 'what not to eat when pregnant', 'how to calculate due dates', 'babies development month one, two, three, etc till the ninth.', 'how to know when you are in labour', 'what to expect during labour', 'what to pack for labour', 'baby clothing necessities', 'baby names', and a million other ones that I can't even remember anymore. They were months of wonder, and learning new experiences. I remember the first time I sneezed and hmm... let out a little... hmmm... lol...I googled that as well... lol! I recall experiencing awful heartburn, and positioning 8, yes EIGHT pillows every night just to be able to actually get some rest. I recall those middle of the night washroom dashes to go relieve myself, only to come back totally thirsty and gulp down an entire 1.5 liter bottle of water (and the washroom dash kept going on and on)... I remember my weight go from the low 60's (kg) at the beginning of my pregnancy, and finally reaching 90kg during my last doctors visit prior to giving birth.. lol ... I recall sleepless nights worrying about whether or not I would be a good mom- lol.. this resulted in my calling my own mom; waking her up at the wee ours of the morning in tears often... miskeeena! After giving birth –labour wasn't as bad as I expected it to be… And it was drug free one too... Huraaay for me :D 5 hours of labour... and the funniest thing was my water broke (just a little trickle) while I was shopping. I later found out that the water had been leaking for weeks, and I just didn't notice… my little baby barely had any amniotic fluid in there with her... il7amdlilaaah she survived and came out healthy, and popped her head out and graced our world at the exact time of the Fajr athan here in Riyadh. Present were my mother, my husband, and my aunt- she was scared to see all the nature at play and ran out into the hall till the baby finally came out. I remember wanting my baby next to me... I wanted to hold her... I remember looking at her and seeing her on the heated bed thingy all naked and messy looking... she had a puddle of black stuff around her... and I heard the doctor and nurses all saying... Good Girl... she has passed her first stool and urine and is a perfectly healthy baby. I was in LOVE!!! ya 7abeebti wallah! She was rather quiet, and didn't make much of a fuss at all. She was trying to get used to this weird wide open space around her. lol... I stayed at the hospital for 2 extra nights, and they were nights I needed. I refused to let my baby stay out of my site, and forced them to let her sleep in the room with me. And when they took her for her bath, I went right along with my dear mama right by my side. I had friends and family come visit me, and I got to rest before I went home. I remember the first night at home; my baby would not sleep, and would not feed... I was scared... felt helpless… a failure… and started crying... my husband quickly called my mom and she came to the room and sat with me and helped me with her. My mother was amazing... she knew all the tricks to get my baby to feed and sleep. I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!! A few days later went to my family home in Shargiya to begin my 40 days to recuperate without hubby (I still think it's stupid... my husband should have had to wake up every night with me and learned how to care for my baby along side me! lol) We stayed in Shargiya for about 2 months- 2 LONGGGG months... but they were amazing as I had my mom there to help me every step of the way... Allah ykhaleeeha. I returned to Riyadh in September after my hubby and my Sweet baby went to Bahrain for a few days. It has been an eventful year. I have seen her grow from a tiny little baby to a near toddler! I have seen her utter her first sounds... I have experienced her first laugh… I have seen her sit, I have seen her roll over... crawl… and now try to stand in place. I have witnessed her every movement. She understands things now, she knows when she does something wrong, and is also fully aware of when she does something good, and has a little dance for that. I see her dance when she hears any sort of music… I see her come up next to me when I am praying, and try to copy my movement... (ya7leeeeelhaaa!). I know there will be much more to witness, and I have done nothing more then a quick summary of her achievements in the first year… I pray that Allah allows me to witness many more years of happiness with my little girl…. That I may witness all of the wonderful years she has ahead of her… I love you ya Lujainty… Happy Birthday to you… and a happy first year to me as well!

Selling ones child?

This just made my stomach turn.. I can't believe we still have disgusting fathers out there that could not give a damn about their children, and see them as mere financial transactions..... Damn them!
Man says will wait to consummate marriage with 10-year-old Hail girl
Arab News HAIL: In the latest twist to a high-profile marriage in this central Saudi city, a 64-year-old man has announced that he would wait five years to consummate his marriage with his 10-year-old bride. According to local newspapers yesterday, the man — who has already paid a SR100,000 dowry to the father of the girl and signed the marriage contract — now says he would wait until the girl is 15 to complete the marriage. Explaining the circumstances that led to the marriage, the man’s son said his father never had a second wife. He said the girl’s father taunted his father saying he was willing to marry his daughter to him if he paid SR100,000 in dowry. “My father accepted the challenge, paid the money and became the husband of the young woman,” the son was quoted as saying. Following reports of child marriages in the local media, religious scholars and human rights activists in the Kingdom have demanded legislation to set a statutory minimum age for marriage. According to the Shariah, maturity is associated with puberty, which could start at the age of nine for girls and at the age of 11 for boys.
Source: Arabnews.com
Jul 16, 2008

What is the right way to give advice?

Please Note: This is not in anyway a post bashing anyone. I for one actually love being told right from wrong, but its simply the way it is done that makes the difference. As for religious Police, I am probably one of the few people left who actually want them to remain here in Saudi. I truly get scared of the idea of not having them around, as I believe things here will get out of hand. Maybe they need to tone down a bit, but nevertheless they are an important part of 'policing' the streets of Saudi. I have had several dealings with people trying to give me da3wa. I personally appreciate it when people remind me of Allah SWT, and my reason on this earth. But I must add that I also liek to be treated with a bit of dignity, and respect, and HATE when I am spoken down to. Lets face it, there is a way to tell people things, whether it is a religious issue, or any other issue that arises. I will obviously be defensive if someone comes at me with a dagger and talks to me like a little child that does not know better! One of my experiences was this one time when I was in Maghrabi, picking up my new contact lenses, and my husband was waiting in the car. Since I am living in Riyadh, I do wear a 3baya, and a shayla on my head- ok maybe some hair slips out once in a while. Anyway as I was standing in front of the cash register this man comes next to me, and starts lecturing me. He starts by telling me that 'you woman are the reason why there are so many woman in hell', he then goes on to tell me, and the way you are dressed is against Islam, and ... and ... and..' I can't remember his exact words (He obviously said them in Arabic.' I felt rather shaken, and was annoyed, and went back to the car and waited for my husband to drive out of the parking lot before I let him know what happened. He hit the roof, and was sooo angry he was ready to go back and give the man is 2 cents. I talked him out of it, and told him to be honest if we went on a fighting spree with everyone who went on like this, the war would be a long one.. lol A second experience here in a mall was while I was in a shop, buying something, and a little girl (she was about 5 or 6) comes to me, and I immediately thought she was those little girls that beg for money, so I was ready to reach into my purse and give her something, but before I dd, she says to me' you know it is better for you to wear 3bayatel ras - the 3baya that is worn from the top of the head. It was adorable at first, then I noticed some ladies that were staring at us with these looks in their eyes, and she went back to join them! These ladies sent over a little girl to come and tell me to wear my 3baya a certain way. hmmm.. Interesting eh! A third experience was once whilst in Rashid Mall In Shargiya. I was walking through the mall, and this lady gives me this dirty look, and says something along the lines of I should cover my face as I am drawing attention to myself. MEANWHILE she had her daughter lagging behind her walking through the mall, and I kid you not.. HER DAUGHTER was giving flirty looks to some guys that were walking near by.. Wake up lady... clean up your own home before you attempt to 'fix' other folks... As the old saying goes, DON'T THROW ROCKS WHEN YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOME!!!! Anyway, I have had tons of experiences.. and to be perfectly honest and fair, I have had good experiences with people here trying to give me nasee7a... i truly appreciated it from them. And they will always be remembered, as they were truly doing what they felt was mandatory upon them, and did it the right way.. 'Allah ykhaleehum'
Jul 15, 2008

Mad Mad World!

I was sitting here flipping through my the 107 Issue 2008 of Arabian Woman - They don't put the month on for some odd reason, probably because they have realised it never hits the stands on time- in Riyadh at least.
On Page 84 you find this Black section with a stunning phone displayed on it. Best of Bling it has sprawled across the top of it. This is a small piece on the new Dior 'Luxury' phone. This phone will be released here in July - this month- and sports a sapphire version, with Diamonds and black Sapphire. 640 diamonds to be exact! The cost of this piece of 'luxury'- a ridiculous and mind boggling AED112,000 which is SAR114,193.52. I am telling you, we are living in a MAD MAD WORLD!!!!
At the bottom of the same page.. they have the Christian Louboutin's Cataribbon sandals for One&Onlythey are very spring/summery shoes ... now that is my cup of tea :D If I wasn't so bloody tall, I would be wearing them everywhere :D
Jul 13, 2008

Swarovski KSA

I am getting VERY annoyed by Swarovski here in Riyadh. I have been going there for a long time, and have always loved to get accessories from them. They were great, the salesmen knew me by name, and I loved their service. Now, for about 9 months, things have gone downhill! NOTHING NEW HAS BEEN PUT ON DISPLAY! The store is now borederline EMPTY! Nothing to even check out. THe Swarvoski in the other Gulf States are doing well, and have their new goods on display periodically. I was told by the salesman that I should contact ZMORODYA Al Abdullatif, and complain.... so Come on Swarovski KSA, how long is this going to last! I have a 500SAR Certificate to buy something from them, and I see nothing to buy! Anyone who has free time to make complaints can call the head office at 01-273-3377 !!!!

Planet Hollywood Riyadh

LuLu enjoying her Napkins.. lol
Having Lunch at Planet Hollywood in Mamlaka... the food wasn't half bad! And the dessert was Yummilicious! I only remembered to take shots of the appetizers and the dessert... OoOoOps! lol
Fries with Cheese etc
jalapeno something or the other.. was nice.. but not spicey at all!

Melt-in-our mouth brownie dessert Snickers pie dessert
Jul 12, 2008

Maids- A Neccessity I would rather live without!

Hey there... my weekend was too bloody quick! I truly enjoyed my time with my brother and sister. We went shopping, went swimming, watched movies, and just chilaxed for the weekend... If only we could have longer weekends.. I saw we petition to get Thurs-Sat as the official weekends in the Kingdom :D
Anyway, one of our maids left last night for her vacation. She as the only good maid I have seen in this house since I have been here (about 4 years), and I have seen 2 others leave, and I am stuck with the worst of the crop at the moment. Our house is quit large, and needs lots of work. We need maids that actually work, instead of making themselves a cup of tea/coffee and sitting in front of the TV watching Soaps (In different languages). At times I wish I could send them all home, and just take care of my own domain. But with the sizes of the homes, it ends up being hard. I believe it would be better off to get one of those maids that come for the day to clean, and retire elsewhere. In my years here, I have seen maids steal, (Not limited to Phones, Watches, LV PEN!!!, clothing, wallets, shoes, and even bloody underwear!!!!!). I have caught a maid with a man in the pool house (actually hiding in the sauna room with her guy.) I have seen maids who talk rudely, who want to run up phone bills. I have seen maids that threaten BLACK MAGIC to people, and Talk on their mobile phone anytime of the day and not do their actual work. I always wonder what is going on. I don't remember any of this happening in our homes. My mom ALWAYS treated our maids with dignity, gave them a day off, and was friends with them, and they did all their work, and were happy to live with us. What is happening to the maids of today? in this house? I truly don't know anymore. I just need to get out, and have my own place.. so dear husband... when u read this.. pls pls plssss get me and your precious daughter out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 8, 2008

Days of my life... (A look in the past)

Disclosure: This post, will be dictated through the eyes of a Rambling 15 year old girl, many of my initial thoughts displayed here, have since changed, as I have now become a wiser Rambling Saudi Wife :D Nothing I say here is meant to offend anyone, and I do apologise in advance for anyone who takes offense to anything said in the following post. I remember it all began in Damascus Syria, when I was 15 years old. My mother had just forced me to move there for a year, and I could not stand the country! I hated the people! I hated everything about it! Pre-Syria I was a chubby little girl, I always had this smile planted on my face, saying 'Hi' and 'Good morning' to everyone I passed by. I loved giving away hugs to everyone. I loved how I looked, and never felt self conscious, as my mother would always remind me that I was a beautiful girl, and made me feel like a princess at all times. I was teased at times, and can still remember being bullied my entire 6th grade year, as the girls thought of me as a 'rich snob'. I wasn't anywhere close to that, they just hated that I wore things they couldn't have (and it wasn't on purpose, I just wore whatever was in my closet- or my sisters much NICER closet). I entered high school, and everything changed. I saw myself change, from being with my mom 24/7, and sitting with her all the time, I became someone new. I became very distant; I found a new circle of friends, friends that thought it uncool to sit around mommy dearest. My grades dropped, I was skipping classes, I was a whole new (not-so-cool) me. My dear mom feared she would lose me, she felt that I was changing too fast, and that if we stayed in Toronto much longer she would lose me forever. She spoke to her family, and for some odd reason planned a vacation to Syria. I was OK with it, as long as I would only be gone for a month. My mom assured me that we would be back, and that this was simply a vacation. I was excited, and looked forward to seeing a new country. Syria I remember arriving in Syria, the airport was awful and filthy. I could not understand anything anyone was saying, and was awed by this weird culture. They made us pay them money to enter the country (something I have since heard they do to everyone!). I remember leaving the airport building and being engulfed by the most disgusting stench in the world, it smelt like a sewage system- the worst kind possible. I felt sick to my stomach, and already wished I never came to this God forsaken land. The cars were outside waiting for us, and we were taken to this flat that was quite disgusting, we could not believe the people got such filth ready for us. Ok! It wasn't dirty, but there was NO washroom, or at least the washrooms I have been used to. There were HOLES in the floor to relieve ourselves. We slept that first night in tears, and in shock. First thing in the morning my mom went out and came back an hour later with cars, and had us move to another flat. This one was much more like it, it was lovely, and they had REAL washrooms. The floors were marble, and shiny. There were TV's. There were all the regular amenities we have come accustomed to. This was more like it! There were no fast-food chains anywhere. I had to buy chocolate bars such as snickers under the table! I was not happy, I missed Toronto. I missed my friends! When my mom finally broke the news to me that I would not be going back to Toronto, I was in SHOCK, I cried, I locked myself in my room. I remember the first day I threw up. I was trying hard to get attention from my mom, and was ready to get it whatever way possible. I remember not eating food for 18 days0 save one green apple! (Yes 18 days) My mom was going crazy, but refused to send me back. I was still angry, and even began to cut my self (inflicting pain upon myself), I used to sit out on the balcony with a knife in hand, staring out at the stars (I wasn't used to being able to see stars), and scrape my arm, till it was bleeding. And even after it bled, I would continue to just cut myself. I did not feel the pain. (I still have a faint scar on my arm from those stupid days). Another stupid attempt at attention was to overdose on pills. I sat in my room one evening, and took out a bottle of medication. I remember popping one pill after another. Until the bottle was empty, I became drowsy, and did not know what was happening. I remember seeing my mom come to me, slap me in the face to get me coherent. She saw the pills and started screaming for help. They rushed me to the hospital, and the doctors had to pump the pills out of my stomach by inserting a tube down my nose. I remember hating my mother to death. She was evil in my eyes, and I thought I would never, ever want to see her or speak to her ever again. I would continue to refuse food for months to come, and would only eat small amounts if any. After a while I began eating, but I would vomit it out within minutes of eating it. I was 15! I did not know what bulimia was at the time, but looking back at it, that began my struggle with this disease, a struggle I still fight till this day. I lost weight. I was once the girl with the pretty face; I now became the HOT girl that should become a model (I am 5'9" tall). As a teenager, that kind of appreciation meant the world to me. POST Syria We later moved to Kuwait. I loved it there, enjoyed myself very much, made lots of friends, and was always out and about. Once again, I forgot my mother, refused to spend time with her, as I felt she was the enemy. I was a teen having fun, with a great body (thanks to bulimia!), out doing all kinds of water sports, and just having a blast. I remember getting in trouble with my aunt and uncle that came from Saudi to make my life hell. I got beat by my uncle, treated like trash by my aunt, as they felt that as a young girl, I shouldn't have been out, shouldn't have had male friends, and the list goes on. Forcing me to leave the house, and live with one of my best friends for 2 weeks! My mother went crazy, she was lost, and she did not know what to do, should she stand by my side? Or pledge allegiance to her family? She knew me well; she knew that she taught me well, and that I would not do anything crazy. She stood by me, she gave me her shoulder, she gave me her heart, she loved me unconditionally, and that is when my dear mom became the center of my world again. We became close. Although I will never deny the pain I put her through, I made her life miserable. Yet she stood by me, and loved me none the less. For that I will always love her. She means the world to me. We moved back to Toronto, me a much wiser 18 year old girl, ready to start my University life. (now that I have my own daughter, I understand what she did much better, and know that she was looking out for my best interest; I love you mama) Here is a poem I wrote for my mother when I was about 19 years old... Mother Dear… This is a poem for you, my mother Who has dedicated her life to us, Who has taught every one of us, That hard work is work needed, To succeed in the future, Hard work, that will never be, Forgotten. This is for your determination, To make sure we live life So that we may be, Honoured and respected Someday. This is for taking us across seas, and back So that we might get a better insight into the world. This is for your strong mind, That made us love God And what God has given us, So that we may not take life for granted. This is for you my mother, Who has seen me to 19. Thank-you. By: Om Lujain As for my bulimia, I have tried very hard to steer clear of it, but it is an illness, at times after I finish eating, all I can think about is how can I get to the washroom without anyone noticing. I have become an expert I don't even need to stick my finger down my throat to relieve myself. I have been bulimia free since I found out I was pregnant, I was not ready to hurt my baby, and later after I had her, I knew she needed all the nutrition she could get through my breastfeeding's. It has been over a year and a half now, but I will never deny that I have urges to take the easy way out, and just vomit to shed the extra lbs.
Jul 7, 2008

My Dancing (Nearly 1 Year old) Baby =)

My Daughter is such a little character. Whenever she hears music playing, u see her in her little groove, even if its a commercial jingle. Its hilarious. She goes into her own little world, and just dances and moved to her beat. Nowadays, she just cruises around everywhere, and keeps finding new things to examine, and try out. As I am writing this post, she has found the XBOX, and is tangled up in the joystick wires. (I am near by, I won't let her get all choked up in them.. don't worry :D) Its adorable, OK, now she has started her grunting in her little corner facing away from anyones watchful eye, lol.. yes, she is doing her little business in her diaper... I wonder when I can start potty training :) Anyway, I am thankful to say I am feeling much better today (il7amdlilah)... ITS NEARLY MY BABIES FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! TIME FLIES!!!! I need to get ready for the weekend, I have already asked the maids to go out and clean the pool house as I am most probably gonna have my Babies first birthday party there. I just need to make sure everyone steers clear of the actual pool, unless they are with their parents enshallah. Good thing is we are making it a family affair, so there shouldn't be many kids running around. I need to order a cake, I wanted to get a nice ice cream cake from Carvels (yummilicious), but my husband wants to get a custom made one from Diplomat, and have our daughters picture on it.... hmmm.. I don't really like that.. I would rather have a nice pink castle cake... :D Really girly... anyway, we will probably end up getting both. I also want to bake some cupcakes, as I have yet to find a place here that actually sells CUPCAKES :( sooo... it shall be interesting. Till the next time....
Jul 6, 2008

Sick Again???

I woke up this morning feeling out of it. My nose is running, I am on my second tissue box of the day! I am drinking OJ, having lots of fluids, Vitamin C.
I just don't wanna get sick again.. come on.. I just got better a few days ago after my week long battle with Bronchitas! It hardly seems fair I tell you :( Its summer time... the time to be all healthy and glowy.. and enjoy your lazy days out in the sun.. with a glass of lemonade with a dash of mint :( Am I gonna be down for yet another week... I hope not.
My Elder brother and Baby sister are coming to visit me this weekend from Shargiya.. I miss them soo much.. its been 4 months since I last saw them :(
Anyway, I don't have much to say today, but I took this quiz, and I have posted my results... ciao for now!
What Movie is Your love life like?
Your Love Life is Like Casablanca

"Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time."
For you, love is never finished.
If you've loved someone once, you'll always love them.
You're an old fashioned romantic...
even if your relationships don't end up as romantic as you'd like.
Your love style: Traditional and understated
Your Hollywood Ending Will Be: Complicated and ambiguous
Take the Quz:
Jul 5, 2008

An American Crime

My brother was pushing me to watch a movie now for 2 days, and this afternoon whilst my baby girl was down for her nap, I had the chance to watch it.I have just finished watching it, the movie had my in a fit of tears (the ones where u need to breath between blowing ur nose), my Kleenex box was well used. The storyline was intense, I was in shock, and could not believe that what I was witnesses truly occur ed to anyone! This was not a war time torture session, but the true story of tortured little girl in a Suburban Indiana town. I am still quite frankly in shock, this movie is a MUST see for all! Synopsis Source: http://www.moviefone.com/movie/american-crime-an/26789/synopsis Based on a true story that gripped the nation in 1965, 'An American Crime' recounts one of the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. The daughters of traveling carnival workers are left for an extended stay at the suburban Indiana home of single mother Gertrude Baniszewski and her seven children. Times are tough, and Gertrude's needs force her to accept this arrangement before understanding how the burden will push her already-fragile nature to a breaking point. What transpires is both riveting and horrific, leaving one child dead and the rest scarred for life. Even though a complete reversal of the type of film you expect from him, it becomes clear immediately that 'An American Crime' is a film Tommy O'Haver was destined to make. With profound skill, he controls the complex narrative, the historic period, and a cast of more than a dozen talented child actors. Casting Catherine Keener as Gertrude was his first brilliant idea. With spellbinding clarity, her Gertrude oozes with squelched sexual desire and shifting levels of insanity and evil. She has the uncanny ability to make you empathize even when she encourages the family and neighborhood children to participate in unthinkable activities. The proof? Even though you know the outcome, in a weak moment, you can actually believe her lies. - You can see the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgZx-cF9cg You Can download the full movie torrent (in english) from here: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1383894
Jul 4, 2008

24/25.... oo yeah!

I finally went to go pick up my 3baya yesterday from the First Choice at Faisaliya... yet I must say I was not WOWED (Where r u Mohammed.. come back and work your wonders once more!!!).. My husband thought it looked nice and fancy... but in my eyes, its missing something... Perhaps in needs to have that design going all the way down to the bottom of the 3baya? or some kind of detail going down the front all the way down? Not sure yet.. but I KNOW something is wrong.... I will probably take it back to get it done the way I want it.. lol (enshallaah!) Afterwards, we walked over to Harvey Nichols as the for sale sign was HUGE and welcoming... AS soon as I entered my body walked over to the baby section.. (I was in a trance-like state.. lol) And saw the most adorable dresses... as My daughters one year birthday is fast approaching, I needed to get her a cute outfit to wear. I settled for this cute white Chloe dress, I wanted shoes as well but for some odd reason these folks DO NOT SELL BABY SHOES!!!
So that being done.. we went down to the first floor section where purses and perfumes and stuff are on display. My husband (as usual) got attacked by the perfume guys. They know him by now, and know he is a PERFUMAHOLIC!!! Its an illness i tell you, but a good smelling one.. lol.
I walked over to the La Mer counter... asked about the product, and was told the guy would be coming after the Asr Prayer enshallah... sooo I was whisked off by the Prairie guy, and he tried to sell me everything.. I resisted... I wasn't going to buy a 1,500SAR face cream without knowing the bottle contained absolute MAGIC!!! So another guy whisks me off the the clinique counter, I haven't used their product in a while... and he asks me what my problem areas are... I told him I am getting older... and I need to get face creams that will give me lots of moisture to keep any wrinkles that are trying to come out at bay.. lol.. then he asks me, ' how old are you?' I was like 'old enough'... then he is like... 24/25? And my eyes lit up and I knew from that moment on I would definitely be buying something from this guy! I was like.. nope.. that was a few years ago.. I am now 29 and hitting old age. I need eye cream for under my eyes, and a face cream. Somehow I walked out with much more then I wanted... but we shall see if my 24/25 years old youth can be kept.. lol
I bought my Baby girl some toys from ELC, and got her these jigsaw play mats... the second I put it on the floor, she started going all over it.. she was excited.. lol.. back and forth, back and forth... it was sooo adorable.. I loved it!!! and I am sure she loved it even more!
Something else happened at the mall, but I will make that its own separate post, as it is something that I have been wanted to write about for a while.
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