May 24, 2018

Ramadam 2018!

Well it's been quite some time since I've been around. 2016 went. 2017 came and went. And Now we're nearly half way done with 2018. Life has a way of making time fly. But somehow I am still at the very point I left off 2 years ago. With older kids and a few grey stands making their grand appearance. 

Riyadh has changed. I remember the old days when I angrily ranted about male sales men in lingerie stores- now a thing of the past.  My many angry posts about not being able to drive while woman, something that will become a thing of the past in a month.  I've witnessed change in people, concerts and events are now a thing. We have movie theatres in Riyadh, and life is changing. 

I am still waiting for some of the non cosmetic changes we need here. The heart transplant of life saving changes we still need. Not needing to be lucky to have a good male family member/husband in your life to be happy, but actually being able to be happy on your own two feet. Not letting anyone but yourself legally holding the keys to your life or your right of movement in and out of the country. There have been whispers for years, I know it will come. One day. These are the changes I crave. That foreign workers will no longer be at the mercy of their employers, that they will be free to come and go and find better opportunities within the country if they so please. That we value the time of others and respect them no matter their social status.
We have come a long way, but we have so much more to achieve to make this country the best version of it's own self.

I'm not sure how my post went from being titled Ramadan 2018 to what I ended up typing. I'll leave it as is, and wish you all a pleasant day. Till the next time! Mabrook 3laikum el shaher!

Apr 14, 2016

Hello My Name is Lavi, and I'm a Pictureholic!

Last nights beautiful sunset in Riyadh. 

This morning, as I was coming home from dropping my children off at school I started browsing the pictures on my phone. As I was swiping, I noticed an embarrassing trend. Half the pictures I have in my extremely full phone are pictures of FOOD! I know its all trendy and all, but I was that crazy person that took pictures of food back when pictures weren't on a phone, back in the days when pictures needed to be developed at the drugstore! But as I was browsing, I suddenly felt this sick feeling in my stomach, and I realized, I HAVE A PROBLEM!  I began deleting pictures one by one, and on my drive home from school I was already at approximately 2000 pictures deleted. I wasn't nearly done, but that just seemed crazy even to me! I need to get my priorities straight, these pictures not only showed me that I take far too many pictures of food, but that I honestly spend too much time eating out. It's become my social outing. And I seriously need to slow it down. So here is a promise to myself, to eat out less, and I would say I won't take pics of the food, but that would be a lie, so I promise to delete them, instead of keeping pictures of food as a memory! I also really need to find something to do with my time, I've hit a place in my life, where I feel like I'm missing something, as a kid, and teenager, I had dreams of becoming something, I am in no way saying my job as a mom is nothing, but I do have time in the morning where I can most definitely do something other then eat and shop! I need to do something much more meaning, but I am at a loss, and don't really know what I would be good at. I mean what can I give back to this world, I feel like my brain barely functions anymore, I've perfected the art of changing diapers, but thts no longer part of my life. I need to think long and hard, and find something, anything, that will give me that feel of self fulfillment.

I'll leave you with some pics of food I've taken, which are now deleted and off my phone! Have a great weekend.

 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this!

You catch my drift? 

A promise is a promise!

So last week, I came here and wrote about how I was all for coming back to blogging, and all the reasons why I kind of slowed down stopped! And I made myself a promise that I'd at the very least try to blog weekly, so here I am! A promise even to ones self is a promise right? So what shall I talk about today?

I'll talk about what I know best, my kiddos! They really do amuse me. Every morning we have this ongoing struggle argument where my eldest son (he's 6 now!) tells me why he shouldn't have to go to school, and why he wants to be Qayib (absent). The list goes from my tummy hurts, to I don't feel like wearing shoes, and an array of interesting excuses that would surely earn him a spot on the Guinness world records. Anyway, my daughter is amazingly easy, most days she sets her own alarm and is up and getting ready, others I just turn on her light and say good morning, and that's it. She seriously is my calm when surrounded by chaos. So today, just as we were about to leave for school, I hear my youngest upstairs ad awake. I usually leave him asleep with his dad, and I get to drop the kids off at school and come back to enjoy my coffee before he is up. Not today, but its all good, I can handle it. He came down wearing his house thawb (Saudi/Arab PJ's), grabbed a Mango Juice (don't judge y'all, don't judge! We ran out of the house, and my eldest was mortified that my youngest was going to his school dressed like that! Mind you he is the king of crazy choice of clothing selections he's worn a shmaq/egal (Saudi Men's headdress) with jeans and big old winter Ecco boots! to the mall before!

Here is my mini, in PJ's and his Croc Boots :)

When we got to school, we all got out of the car, as I always walk them onto school premises, watch till they join their teacher and class and then leave. My youngest wanted a hug from his siblings, my daughter obliged and loved it, my eldest looked around to make sure no one was watching and quickly hugged his brother before running off to his class line. My youngest was happy, but I was giggling the entire time. I think I've already mentioned in my previous post that we are not allowed to speak Arabic at school around my son, and my eldest will go as far as running to me or his brother to cover our mouth and whisper (kalm Arabi!!! (Speak Arabic!). This no English sentence he's put on us has been going on for some time, at first I was quite annoyed, but in the end I let my son have it. Apparently his classmates were making fun of him for speaking English, and have labeled him not Saudi enough. I have decided to then allow it, however I've made very clear to him that he should be proud of all his parts, Arabic and English aside. I also made it a point to remind him that his friends from school can't enjoy movies like he can! Since most are English and the theaters only have Arabic subtitles. :D I may have also kind of mentioned that all his favorite super heroes speak English, and only he out of all his classmates could have a full conversation with them!

I may have taken a two day break before I actually finished this blog entry :)

So where was I? Yes the language bit, Anyhow, we've made a decision (after talking to a few other fellow half Saudi moms) that I shall not utter a word of English on school property in front of the little guy. You gotta give a little once in a while, and this is  battle I'm allowing my son to win :)

Apr 5, 2016

I'll just dip my feet in the oh so cold water...

Yoo-hoo, its me!

I know, its been a while, so long I refuse to look at my last post to see the last published date. I've got a tab open with a google search on how to go back to blogging after being away for so long', and well, the answers were a little too thought consuming for me. I'll just blurt it out, I've been uninspired, I've found myself with nothing important to share. I have had messages (Thank you so much to those that have missed my rambling presence in the blog world) asking me where the heck I've been, and if I'd be back. The honest answer, was that I'm not sure, I have nothing important or new to share. I think that was my problem, this blog has always served as a diary for me, a place to rant, ramble, or just share things I've found. But my life is pretty boring, who wants to read about some boring ladies daily life in the desert she calls home. I reached a point where I was sure what I had to say was of zero importance to anyone. I mean I am a stay at home mama, and my life consists of doing mommy things and breakfasts out with friends. Kind of boring, with nothing really to add to the world around me.

Most bloggers I know have a certain genre they stick with, I don't have that kind of mind frame, I get bored easily, and jump around from topic to topic with no real space in the blogosphere. Anyways, all things aside, I've decided that I am gonna dip my feet back in the cold pool, and slowly come back to blogging. At the end of the day, I get to ramble, and share my 2 cents on issues, and the plus side is if there is anyone out there who has the time to brush off the spider webs on my little virtual front door, they are more then welcome to sit back and read.

I realize this entire blog post was about why I stopped blogging, and why I now want to try starting again, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

Here are a few updates from my Oh so fabulous life,

My kids are still enrolled in the Private Arabic school, and are doing great. My six year old forbids me from speaking English on school property, because apparently speaking English isn't cool (that is going to be a blog post of its own!).

I still love photography, and snap pictures whenever I can of random places, people and the life (dude, that would also be a great blog post!)

I'm still doing the parenting thing, and my kids are all alive and kicking and still love me and my coolness- that's awesome and a great achievement!

I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women here in Riyadh, that are absolutely inspirational, and are probably why I have found my life a bit too boring!

I've started walking/jogging/running on my treadmill as of November 2015, and have not only lost my post baby ( well technically my youngest is 4, so yeah, it took me long enough!) weight, but I have gained new energy that I thought I'd lost forever.

There is a lot more, and I'll share my different perspectives in time. Excuse my rustiness, its been a long time since I've been here, but I shall start with baby steps, maybe once a week. I won't promise anything earth shattering, but I promise to be me, and genuine to myself.

Have a wonderful day from Rio De Najdero!